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How to Choose Artificial Grass For Sports Grounds?

Artificial grass is a type of grass used in artificial grass pitch, gardens and terraces of houses, cafes and restaurants and attracts attention with its stylish and aesthetic appearance. thanks to its ease of use and long-lasting and maintenance-free structure, it is used in various areas for different purposes. Table of Contents Toggle Advantages of Using Artificial GrassHow Should You Choose Artificial Grass?Artificial Grass Carpet PricesHow Long Does Artificial Grass Last? Advantages of Using Artificial Grass Artificial grass has many…
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What is Artificial Grass?

The use of artificial grass has become increasingly widespread nowadays and has become preferred in many areas. When it comes to artificial grass, when it comes to football fields, tennis courts or sports halls, artificial grass elegance has started to be used in many areas. The reason why artificial turf carpet has become so popular is that it is difficult to maintain natural grass, it has costs related to its constant replacement and it grows in a long time. Natural grass needs…
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What are Synthetic Turf Prices?

Synthetic turf, also known as artificial turf, is a type of turf that is produced in a similar way to natural turf but more durable than the natural turf. Synthetic turf, which is used in gardens, landscape and artificial turf pitch is highly convenient with its easy maintenance and cost-efficient properties. Furthermore, its long-lasting features provides use for many years. Table of Contents Toggle What is Synthetic Turf?Where is Synthetic Turf Used?What are the Advantages of Using Synthetic Turf?How to…
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What is Polyurethane Floor Covering?

Polyurethane floor coating is a coating which can be applied in one-piece for use in sports halls, hospitals, clinics and industrial floors. Semi-flexible polyurethane flooring is easy to clean. Matte or glossy flooring systems are also resistant to sun rays as well as deformations such as cracking, drying and abrasion. Table of Contents Toggle What is Polyurethane Floor Covering?What are the Properties of Polyurethane Floor Coating?What are the Uses of Polyurethane Floor Covering?Application of Polyurethane Flooring What is Polyurethane Floor…
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What is Hybrid Turf?

Hybrid turf which is widely used in new generation stadiums is a type of turf aiming to minimize effects of bad weather conditions. Due to the lack of air flow and sunlight in the stadiums or similar areas, hybrid turf which is of a combination of both natural and synthetic turf is used instead of natural turf. Table of Contents Toggle What is Hybrid Turf?What are the Advantages of Hybrid Turf?Maximum PerformanceHybrid Lawn Care Is More AdvantageousHigh playing capacity What is Hybrid…
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What are the Types of Artificial Turf?

Grass is a plant that has a great influence in our life as the call from nature and a decorating item in our daily lives. The grass we have always been happy to see in our gardens aswell as in parks and gardens has now begun to take its place in all areas of our lives in our gardens and terraces, cafes and restaurants. As the city life has surrounded us with concrete buildings, the grass has become more important…
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Things to Consider in Artificial Grass Field Construction

Artificial grass is very popular lately especially in artificial grass pitch floors. Thanks to its long-lasting and maintenance-free structure it is preferred more than natural grass. However, there are some points considerations for construction of the artificial grass pitch. Things to Consider in Artificial Grass Pitch Construction When constructing an artificial grass pitch, the first thing to determine is the location of the artificial grass pitch. The location of the carpet area should be determined considering the environmental impacts. Rather than…
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What is Decorative Artificial Turf?

Artificial grass is preferred in areas such as decorative artificial turf, decorative balcony, garden and terrace. As a more durable and less costly alternative to the natural grass, grass carpet gained a wider use in daily life, decorating gardens, balconies and terraces to give a more stylish and aesthetic look, adding color to your life. Decorative turfs designed for landscaping purposes in gardens, balconies and terraces offer ease of use for many years. Decorative artificial turf, which is very easy…