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What is Multisport Artificial Turf

Multisport artificial turf is a type of grass which is highly practical and useful and designed for use in artificial turf fields and basketball fields, schools, kids gardens and public areas. They are extremely popular public housing, schools and other special areas for use as a mini field. Table of Contents Toggle Areas of Use of Multisport Artificial TurfWhat are the Advantages of Multisport Artificial Grass? Areas of Use of Multisport Artificial Turf Artificial turf has been used increasingly in…
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Artificial Grass Applications in Football Fields

There are different types of floors used on football fields. Among these varieties, the most common ones are the type called synthetic or artificial grass. Artificial grass creates a non-slippery and flexible surface on the ground, preventing athletes from injuries. Therefore, both amateur and professional athletes can demonstrate maximum performance on the field. Artificial grass may not be a natural product but it is not much different from it. More importantly it does not pose any threat to human health.…
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Floor Types Used in Basketball Court?

Different types of floors are used in Basketball Courts. Today, Acrylic is a favorite flooring for basketball courts due to cost of materials and easy installation. Parquet floors are common for indoor basketball courts and common for international, professional matches but the disadvantage of parquet flooring is most expensive flooring and to be used for indoor basketball constructions. Tartan and Polyurethane flooring also a common and preferred flooring for basketball pitches and mostly preferred for outdoor use due to its…
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What is Tartan Floor Covering?

Tartan floor, is a water-permeable sports floor type used in tennis courts, basketball courts, athletics tracks, jogging and warm-up areas. It is mostly used at the edges of football fields, indoor and outdoor sports halls and children’s playgrounds. It consists of two layers: SBR granule and EPDM. What is the features of Tartan Floor Covering? Use of tartan floor or tartan track coating has increasingly become widespread thanks to its soft feature which enables easy and comfortable movement. It is…
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How to Build Athletics Tracks?

You may be curious about how Athletic Tracks are built. Firstly, you need to know that the type of athletic tracks used in the parts and in the Olympic games are different. Because tracks for Professional use need to comply with certain standards. For example, SBR (a kind of synthetic rubber) and EPDM (a kind of synthetic rubber) rubber are obligatory in Professional/olympic tracks. The first stage in construction an athletic track is to check the ground slope. Before laying…
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What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass, which is produced as an alternative to natural grass, is a low-cost and maintenance free product which is preferred for use in many areas. It is both similar to natural grass but less costly and carefree. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance, artificial grass which is also known as synthetic grass is also preferred for use in hotels and houses, cafes, restaurants and hotels. What is Artificial Grass? Artificial turf, which is also known as synthetic grass is a…
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What are Areas of Use of the Synthetic Turf?

Artificial turf is highly convenient in terms of maintenance and cost and is frequently preferred as a durable product. While natural turf has a high maintenance cost and requirement, it can still worn-out in case of excessive use. Thus, artificial turf is preferred more due to its maintenance-free structure. Artificial turf resembles to natural g turf in appearance but more durable and easy to maintain. Therefore, while it is mostly used both for sports areas, nowadays you can use it in…
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How to Choose the Floor for a Tennis Court?

Tennis is a very enjoyable sport which gains popularity every now and then. You can play tennis in multi-purpose fields. While constructing the court, the ground must be examined, and infrastructure must be prepared first and then you can initiate the process to construct your tennis court. Tennis Court Ground Selection The ground on which the tennis court will be built should be examined first and ensured that the ground is sound. Cleaning the ground by work machines and compressing…