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The message of the Chairman

Dear Friends,

Reform Sports Systems has been building, manufacturing and designing sports facilities since its foundation in 1994. Over time, we had the opportunity to develop ourselves in sectors such as from steel construction to civil works, from machinery to chemistry, that offer growth opportunities

Our corporate culture and sense of work is, as we learnt from our ancestors, to carry the determination to work, the ability to overcome difficulties, endless patience, innovation, honest and skilful production, passion for investment and the love of homeland to the future. We share the same culture with all of the Reform Group’s affiliates with friends who strive to expand this family as how we will be a model to our children for their future, whatever we advise them.

The honesty, hard work and entrepreneurial spirit gained by our elders in our business life, which we started at a very young age, has been crowned with our international reputation with our superior quality understanding and experience. We try to carry forward a management approach that is nourished from our experience in many different sectors over time, reminding ourselves that there is no end for learning and improving ourselves.

We aim to excellence in every field we serve by combining the way of doing business of internationally experienced sector professionals, which are working with us in our affiliates with our corporate culture. Our aim is to make Reform Group, which is known for its leadership and reputation in every business it has undertaken so far, to become a leader group in every field it does business with a sustainable growth and with priority in the sports industry sector.

That is why, with the trust of our esteemed friends and the power we have received from our professional team, we are fully confident that we will achieve the targets we have set ourselves in the years to come.

Reform Group will continue to the contribution to the economy of Turkey with new markets and expanding the vision of geography with its stakeholders and to create new business areas. Because being a member of the Reform Group family from top to bottom requires working with this awareness.

Yours Sincerely,

Harun Macit

Founder and Chairman of the Reform Group