Trust in our name that makes us different

We are working to ensure the technology, quality, efficiency and performance we provide to our customers and to reach all corners of our country and the world at the same level and at the first day value with our expert staff, all of whom are highly trained in their respective fields, and constantly renewed and enriched service opportunities with artificial turf production to our customers in Turkey and worldwide, outdoor and indoor synthetic grass pitches, tennis courts, basketball courts, multi-purpose field construction, sports floors, tartan track, EPDM, acrylic, polyurethane flooring, sports equipment with non-stop sales and installation.

We provide a full and timely response to the demands and requests of our customers with our professional team of experts in the field, at every point of Turkey and the world. The goal of our sales team, which constantly tries to create value with its customer-oriented service approach, is to maintain our leadership in customer satisfaction. For this purpose we continuously invest in expert human resources, technical training and state-of-the-art machinery for both maintenance and repair quality. We have a business partnership with our customers based on endless trust. The biggest difference that makes up this trust is to provide a perfect “After Sales Satisfaction”.