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What is Artificial Grass? Where is Artificial Grass Used?

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The use of artificial grass has become increasingly widespread nowadays and has become preferred in many areas. When it comes to artificial grass, when it comes to football fields, tennis courts or sports halls, artificial grass elegance has started to be used in many areas.

The reason why artificial turf carpet has become so popular is that it is difficult to maintain natural grass, it has costs related to its constant replacement and it grows in a long time. Natural grass needs to be watered regularly mowed and rested. Therefore, natural grass is not suitable for all places. Instead of using artificial turf, both cost and time are saved.

Use of Decorative Grass

Decorative grass, which has a wide area of use, is currently used in various spaces for different purposes such as landscape areas, walkways, houses and balconies, gardens and terraces. Its wide usage area and its stylish and comfortable appearance allow artificial grass to be used in many areas.

Use of Artificial Turf in Playgrounds

The areas surrounded by green tones have always been interesting for children. It was always the natural lawn or sandy grounds which were preferred in the playgrounds. However, artificial grass is used in almost all playgrounds both in terms of visually more elegant and easier cleaning.

Use of Artificial Grass on Balcony and Terrace

We use balconies a lot to get some fresh air and have a cup of coffee or host our friends, especially in summer. Thanks to artificial grass, you have a comfortable space at home with a change of air in your balcony. The best advantage is it is easy to install, maintain and gives you an aesthetic atmosphere so that you can live the comfort of your balcony surrounded by the elegance of decorative grass. You can add a different atmosphere to your balcony or terrace with artificial grass.

As the se of artificial grass is so widespread, you can almost use it anywhere including your garden as well as the garden of restaurants, hotels, villas and cafes. Artificial grass is preferred in these places since it creates a garden atmosphere, it is comfortable and looks stylish. Plus it is both cost and time efficient.

You may find that artificial grass is used mostly cafes and restaurants, you can also find it decorate the gardens and balconies of houses as well. Artificial grass which is healthy for human body gives a natural look and integrity to the interior and exterior decoration. You can feel the comfort when walking on the decorative lawn on bare feet. It can be used any size and shape just by mounting on the ground with any proper adhesive.

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