how is artificial grass laid

How Is Artificial Grass Laid?

How Is Artificial Grass Laid? Artificial grass, which has many advantages compared to natural grass, does not require any maintenance. It completely eliminates the maintenance cost. It completely prevents wastage of water and does not require cleaning. It completely blocks the seeding, fertilization, irrigation and irrigation system. In addition to all this, it uses it for more than 10 years with good use in Reform Spor. Artificial Grass Laying Steps You will lay artificial turf, your first step is the…
how is synthetic grass application made in football fields

How is Synthetic Grass Application Made in Football Fields?

How is Synthetic Grass Application Made in Football Fields? Many floor products can be used on the floor of the football field. Of course, the most widely used synthetic grass is artificial grass. Synthetic grass, which is no different from natural grass, prevents athletes from slipping. No problems are encountered while doing sports. With its highly elastic structure, there is no problem such as injury in a possible fall. It does not affect the performance of both amateur and professional…
use of grass carpet in indoor and outdoor areas

Use of Grass Carpet in Indoor and Outdoor Areas

Use of Grass Carpet in Indoor and Outdoor Areas Artificial grass carpets are produced and presented to users in forms close to natural, thanks to the technology that has recently developed. Artificial turf carpet models, which have a natural appearance that cannot be distinguished from the real, have a wide range of use. Artificial grass carpet is often preferred in homes, offices, balconies, terraces, office and home gardens. Grass carpets, which offer easy and comfortable use for decorative purposes, are…
the decision which artificial turf for which football field

The Decision: Which Artificial Turf For Which Football Field?

The Decision: Which Artificial Turf For Which Football Field? There are plausible reasons for this, above all the robustness of artificial turf pitch es. They are ready for use in almost any weather and do not need any rest periods in between. An advantage that pays off especially in cities with limited space, when there is often only one place available for several teams. The robustness is also responsible for a long service life. The fact is: The average service…
step by step instructions for laying rolled synthetic turf

Step by Step Instructions for Laying Rolled Synthetic Turf

Step by Step Instructions for Laying Rolled Synthetic Turf Rolled turf is cultivated and harvested in lawn schools over large areas; it is nothing more than a classic lawn that you can buy ready-made. As soon as the turf is dense enough, special machines “peel” the lawn along with a thin layer of subsoil and roll it up. The turf owes its name to this process – and the fact that the turf can be rolled out so easily in…
hybrid turf different systems in use

Hybrid Turf: Different Systems in Use

Hybrid Turf: Different Systems in Use Hybrid turf is a natural turf surface reinforced with synthetic fibers, which is now used not only in Bundesliga stadiums but also occasionally in municipal areas. When building a soccer field with hybrid turf, there are different methods in which the turf base layer is reinforced with synthetic fibers. The sports turf is more resilient than a pure natural turf and regenerates faster. This enables the club to use the sports facility longer. Whether…
how to install artificial turf

How To Install Artificial Turf

How To Install Artificial Turf Artificial turf products are guaranteed by the manufacturer such as Reform Sports which has extended business network in exportation to the USA, Greece, Romania, Italy, Russia, Serbia and many more as the most reliable material. The color has UV-resistant and the grass only fades after a very long period of use. The punctures for attaching the lawn are very well made. The sewn-in grass does not come out of the plate. Thus, the outdoor artificial…
sentetik cim hokey sahasi nedir

What is a Synthetic Grass Hockey Field?

Hockey is a sports game that is gaining popularity recently. Although the Hockey Federation was founded in 2002, it has a longer history in Turkey even before the Republic. Back then, the tournaments were held in different fields while today it is played on artificial grass. Technical Specifications of Synthetic Field Hockey Field Perimeter Wire Fence Works and Lighting Constructing a perimeter wire fence can be challenging. However; the steps to follow are clear.  In order to surround the beam, a…
multisport suni cim nedir

What is Multisport Artificial Turf

Multisport artificial turf is a type of grass which is highly practical and useful and designed for use in artificial turf fields and basketball fields, schools, kids gardens and public areas. They are extremely popular public housing, schools and other special areas for use as a mini field. Areas of Use of Multisport Artificial Turf Artificial turf has been used increasingly in living spaces, landscape areas including gardens, balconies and Artificial turf pitches. Multisport artificial grass is designed to give…
suni cim nedir suni cimin avantajlari nelerdir

What is Artificial Grass? What are the Advantages of Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass, which is produced as an alternative to natural grass, is a low-cost and maintenance free product which is preferred for use in many areas. It is both similar to natural grass but less costly and carefree. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance, artificial grass which is also known as synthetic grass is also preferred for use in hotels and houses, cafes, restaurants and hotels. What is Artificial Grass? Artificial turf, which is also known as synthetic grass is a…