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What is a Synthetic Grass Hockey Field?

Hockey is a sports game that is gaining popularity recently. Although the Hockey Federation was founded in 2002, it has a longer history in Turkey even before the Republic. Back then, the tournaments were held in different fields while today it is played on artificial grass.…
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What is Multisport Artificial Turf

Multisport artificial turf is a type of grass which is highly practical and useful and designed for use in artificial turf fields and basketball fields, schools, kids gardens and public areas. They are extremely popular public housing, schools and other special areas for use as…
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How to Choose Artificial Grass For Sports Grounds?

Artificial grass is a type of grass used in artificial grass pitch, gardens and terraces of houses, cafes and restaurants and attracts attention with its stylish and aesthetic appearance. thanks to its ease of use and long-lasting and maintenance-free structure, it is used in various…