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Maximum Performance
with FIFA Fields

FIFA Certified Professional Field Construction

The FIFA Quality Concept was created to standardize the quality and safety of artificial turf for football competitions. This concept also includes works to develop artificial turf technologies. Artificial turf produced and assembled for football fields will go through different stages in many parts of the world and may result in differences in product performance. In order to prevent this and to ensure that each site has a certain standard, FIFA recommends that certain criteria be complied with. As Reform Sports, we comply with all of the «FIFA Quality Concept criteria in the production and installation of artificial turf.

The FIFA Quality Concept is a set of criteria that has been in practice since 2001 and aims to improve the quality of grass fields. With this concept, football field owners can certify that the fields are suitable for playing football with «FIFA QUALITY» and «FIFA QUALITY PRO» certificates. These certificates, which were called «FIFA RECOMMENDED 1 STAR» and «FIFA RECOMMENDED 2 STAR» in 2004, were developed and updated in 2017 as «FIFA QUALITY» and «FIFA QUALITY PRO». In addition, thanks to these criteria, football fields are formed and the performance and health of the players are positively affected.

According to the FIFA Quality Concept, the pitches have to undergo certain tests in order to be eligible to play football. Companies producing synthetic turf send their products to FIFA according to the criteria determined by

According to the FIFA Quality Concept, the pitches are subject to certain tests in order to be eligible to play football. Companies producing synthetic turf send their products to FIFA according to the criteria determined by FIFA. Then, these artificial turfs are tested in FIFA’s laboratories to check the suitability of the product. In the testing phase, the interaction of the ball and ground, the interaction of the ground with the game and the quality of the product are thoroughly controlled. However, the product is also installed in the field and its performance in the field is measured in detail. If the product passes these stages, it is entitled to receive FIFA Quality Certificate.

What are the advantages of the artificial turf
according to FIFA?

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Resistance to harsh climatic conditions
In many parts of the world, natural turf fields do not form due to harsh climatic conditions. Natural grass is affected by weather conditions. Because of the climate, the maintenance of natural grass fields is difficult and costly. Artificial grass is easy to maintain and low cost. Artificial grass is designed to withstand all weather conditions. Artificial turf allows the usage in rainy weather, is not affected by the sun’s rays and provides an ideal gaming experience in all weather conditions.

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Low Maintenance Cost
The new generation of artificial turf is easier to maintain and cost-effective than natural turf. Although artificial turf is seen to be more costly than natural grass in the first stage, the cost of artificial turf is much less in the long term. Natural grass has additional maintenance costs such as irrigation, fertilization and mowing. The need for maintenance and repair of artificial turf is not tiring and costly. Artificial turf does not need watering, fertilizing and mowing. Artificial turf saves water, time and budget.

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Multi-Purpose Use
Today, budget and financial projection have become the most important issue of a football club. Additional sources of income are required to cover rising costs. The new generation of artificial turf floors, with its appearance similar to natural grass, low maintenance cost, longer playing time and multi-purpose usage, is to meet all the needs of modern football field. Artificial grass floors can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Artificial turf pitches are used for training and matches and by companies and municipalities to provide additional income by renting for various events.

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Ideal for indoor and semi-indoor stadiums
In the construction of stadiums where international football competitions will be played, the growth of high-quality natural grass should be taken into account when designing the roof structure. Roofing, which protects spectators from bad weather, is an important standard of comfort. But it blocks the air circulation and sunlight necessary for growing natural grass. A new generation of artificial grass provides a gaming experience similar to natural grass, while providing a combination of audience comfort and safety, regardless of sunlight, wind and rain.

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Longer Playtime
Most of the carpet pitches belong to municipalities and football clubs. For these institutions, it is very important that artificial turf sports grounds can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Artificial turf is resistant to long consecutive hours of play, so there is no need to leave the fields to be used for events or tournaments to be suitable for reuse.

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Advanced and Continuous Gaming Experience
As the global popularity of football increases, the climate is a major obstacle. In bad weather, the use of natural grass is limited and athlete performance is also negatively affected. Aware of this, manufacturers have developed football artificial turf that reflects the gaming experience provided by the natural turf and is resistant to harsh climates. FIFA acknowledges that providing year-round, advanced and continuous gaming experience around the world brings great benefits to the global development of football.

FIFA Certified Professional Field Construction

The FIFA Quality Concept for football turf has been created to standardize the quality and safety of artificial turf that footballers will benefit from and to promote advances in artificial turf technology.

There are many institutions around the world that produce and apply artificial turf. These institutions use different systems and many different production techniques. As a result, the performance of artificial turf varies greatly, and not all of them are advantageous in terms of player health and game quality.

This project is an important test for artificial areas. Because successful manufacturers will be able to enter the licensing program to receive the FIFA RECOMMENDED stamp that will add reputation to their products. Only artificial turf with the best quality and the highest technical standards will be able to receive this stamp. Football fields bearing the FIFA RECOMMENDED stamp will have low maintenance costs and long life while having the advantages of playing comfort on the natural turf and player safety.

FIFA Certified Professional Field Construction

Synthetic Turf Football Fields can be made in international FIFA standards. You can ask for a quote from FIFA certified professional field construction from Reform Sports’ expert and experienced staff.