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What are the Points to Consider for Artificial Grass Pitch Construction?

Halı Saha Yapımında Dikkat Edilmesi Gerekenler Nelerdir

Artificial grass is very popular lately especially in artificial grass pitch floors. Thanks to its long-lasting and maintenance-free structure it is preferred more than natural grass. However, there are some points considerations for construction of the artificial grass pitch.

Things to Consider in Artificial Grass Pitch Construction

When constructing an artificial grass pitch, the first thing to determine is the location of the artificial grass pitch. The location of the carpet area should be determined considering the environmental impacts. Rather than making a random selection of the location, one must make sure that the carpet site is a profitable investment and the best way to ensure it is conducting a social environmental analysis. As profitability of the carpet area is the first consideration, finding a region with high customer potential is highly important. Therefore, it must be a location on a central route with easy access by public transport.

Secondly, the ground structure and climate conditions should also be considered, be it for open carpet or indoor carpet area.

Another consideration one must remember is the dimension of the carpet area. Ideal carpet pitch size is 5 by 5, 6 by the number of people who will play…  It varies according to demands such as 11 and 11 etc. Closed system of the carpet area is recommended for all seasons.

The establishment of areas where people can spend time by enabling the installation of the carpet area well and other sports or activities around the carpet area that men, women and children can benefit from increases customer satisfaction.

Therefore, it is highly important to set up a carpet area which enables sports and activities so that people can spend time.

Similarly, construction, spacious and useful shower and dressing rooms on the are also important. And it is not enough, the shower room should have liquid shampoo and soap while dressing rooms have a hair dryer.

Among all, providing a generator for the artificial grass pitch has a special place. This way, in case of possible power outage, the system will continue to work. Next thing to consider is an emergency room which will come to rescue in case of minor injuries.

Iron and concrete sizes are similarly important when constructing a carpet area. The ceiling and side nets of the carpet area must be stretched and high. While the lighting for indoor and outdoor artificial grass pitch vary, attention must be paid so that there are no dark blind spots on the artificial grass pitch.

The quality of the artificial grass is more than important, because there is nothing like playing on a high-quality artificial grass and it is long-lasting.

Installing a cooling system which also provides irrigation maintenance is also important considering the hot weather especially in summer.

Sand and sbr granule filling of the artificial grass pitch should also be considered. Sand should be poured with a machine of 30 kg per m2, while sbr granules with a machine of 8-9 kg per m2.

In the meantime, considering social requirements, constructing cafeteria and social areas in the carpet area can determine the quality of the artificial grass pitch

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