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Reform Sports, which specializes in Multi Purpose Fields Construction, performs multi-purpose fields on a turnkey basis within 3-4 weeks and presents them to you.
Flooring Applications Used in Multi Purpose Fields Construction:
  • Synthetic Grass Multi Purpose Fields
  • Tartan Floor Multi Purpose Fields
  • Polyurethane Floor Multi Purpose Fields
  • Acrylic Floor Multi Purpose Fields
  • Parquet Floor Multi Purpose Fields
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    Multi Purpose Fields

    Multi-Purpose Sport Fields;tennis, basketball, volleyball sports can be performed in a single field. Multipurpose Fields, can be both open and closed. Convenient, practical and multi-purpose pitches that allow multiple games to be played are cost-effective. Generally, Multi-Purpose-Pitchess are used in schools, sites and hotels. Widely made in 18x36m.

    Reform Sports, which specializes in Multi-Purpose Field Construction, performs multi-purpose fields on a turnkey basis within 3-4 weeks and presents them to you.

    Flooring Applications Used in Multi-Purpose Field Construction:

    • Synthetic Grass Multi-Purpose Field
    • Tartan Floor Multi-Purpose Field
    • Polyurethane Floor Multi-Purpose Field
    • Acrylic Floor Multi-Purpose Field
    • Parquet Floor Multi-Purpose Field
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    Synthetic Grass Multi-Purpose Field

    Synthetic Grass Multi-Purpose Field construction is used generally at schools and is eligible for public housing and sites. By making a multi-purpose artificial turf field, you can perform many different sports such as carpet field, basketball court and tennis court .

    Tartan Floor Multi-Purpose Field

    Tartan Ground Multi-Purpose-Pitches are the sports fields made of flexible EPDM granules r Tartan floor is usually made as 5mm EPDM layer and 8mm SBR layer. Multi-Purpose-Pitches with tartan floors are preferred by schools and sites, but can also be used in indoor sports halls.

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    Polyurethane Floor Multi-Purpose Field

    Polyurethane Floor Multi-Purpose areas are resistant to scratches, sun rays, all kinds of abrasion and deformations. Polyurethane coating that can be applied indoors and outdoors; flexible, non-slip and wear-free, applied in one piece, is a type of floor with many colour options. Matte, bright and colourful surfaces can be formed with polyurethane floor coating. It is a coating material where dust does not accumulate and can be cleaned easily.

    Acrylic Floor Multi-Purpose Field

    Acrylic Floor Multi-Purpose Field surfaces have elastic and non-slip property. It is a floor covering that can be used in all weather conditions, resistant to heavy usage traffic, and does not break or crack. Various color combinations can be made with many color options. Hard and flexible floors can be formed in open and closed multi-purpose fields with acrylic floor covering material.

    Acrylic multi-purpose field floors are applied with two types of systems such as acrylic paint and cushion acrylic flooring on SBR. Acrylic paint over SBR is applied in several layers of 2mm or 3mm thickness. SBR-based acrylic paint floor system consists of bitumen modified synthetic surface regulator, synthetic coating and synthetic paint as topcoat. Cushion acrylic system; Water based acrylic resin and various synthetic ingredients specially designed for the construction of sports floors aesthetic and affordable sports flooring. Preferably, it can be applied on asphalt or concrete with special primer in desired colors in thickness of 2mm – 3mm.

    Cushion acrylic system consists of bitumen modified acrylic or rubber powder filled, cushion , surface regulator, acrylic coating and acrylic topcoat paint layers.

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    Parquet Floor Multi-Purpose Field

    Parquet Floor Multi-Purpose Fields meet the ergonomic needs of athletes thanks to its innovative design, energy recovery, power consumption reduction and ball hopping. The parquet floor consists of a multi-layer system. Flexibility is provided to the wooden floor with the special rubber support system used in the substrate. It is regularly subjected to quality tests with different parameters to ensure excellent shear resistance, scratch strength and durability.


    You can examine our products which can be used in Synthetic Turf and Tartan Soil Multi-Purpose Field Construction.


    Multi-Purpose-Pitches Construction Cost

    Multi-Purpose-Pitches Construction Cost depends on whether the site is open or closed, the type of ground to be used, the size and location of the site will vary. To get a price according to your project, you can get an offer from us by specifying the details.