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What is Decorative Artificial Turf?

Dekoratif Çim Halı Bakımı Nasıl Yapılır

Artificial grass is preferred in areas such as decorative artificial turf, decorative balcony, garden and terrace. As a more durable and less costly alternative to the natural grass, grass carpet gained a wider use in daily life, decorating gardens, balconies and terraces to give a more stylish and aesthetic look, adding color to your life.

Decorative turfs designed for landscaping purposes in gardens, balconies and terraces offer ease of use for many years. Decorative artificial turf, which is very easy to use, install and maintain, does not require troublesome maintenance such as mowing, ventilation. Therefore, its maintenance is advantageous bot in terms of time and cost. Of course, this may bring some important issues on the agenda such as caring for and cleaning the decorative artificial turf. To make the decorative lawn look beautiful and to benefit from the lawn for a long time, you need to regularly clean and maintain.

How to Choose Decorative Artificial Turf?

The area of use of ​​grass carpet which is called artificial turf is quite wide. Thus, different types of carpets are produced for use in different places. If you want to use your artificial turf on the balcony, you should choose the artificial turf specially designed and produced for the balcony.

The grass carpets specifically designed for use on the balcony can be used easily for many years. Since both the installation, use and maintenance of decorative artificial turf is easy, and does not require mowing as is the case for natural grass, it saves both time and money. However, do not mistakenly think that it does not require maintenance at all. As it is made of synthetic fabric, you still need to do some cleaning and maintenance to make it look better and survive longer.

How to Care for Artificial Turf?

We have already said that artificial turf’s maintenance and cleaning is easy. The first step starts with cleaning the wastes on the grass. As we spend a lot of time on the balcony, especially in the summer, the grass can quickly get dirty and the appearance may be deteriorated. Therefore, cleaning the wastes is very important.

To clean the artificial turf, brushing it from time to time can prolong the lifetime of the artificial turf so that you can enjoy your balcony longer. Another step is protecting the artificial turf from extreme temperatures. The procedure which will protect the appearance and prolong its lifetime is easy like watering your decorative artificial turf during hot days. If the turf carpet is regularly maintained, you can have a long-lasting turf carpet.

How to Clean Artificial Turf?

Maintenance of artificial turf is quite simple. You can brush the grass to get rid of dirt and dust. As the artificial turf does not keep the stain, you can easily get rid of the stains by rinsing the turf with warm water and soap. Furthermore, you can easily clean the adhesive materials such as gum and sugar by keeping ice on that part to get it out. The best advantage of an artificial turf is that it does not burn in the fire but some kind of melting may occur where it falls.

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