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What is Hybrid Turf? What are the technical features of Hybrid Turf?

Hibrit Çim Nedir - Hibrit Çimin Özellikleri Nelerdir

Hybrid turf which is widely used in new generation stadiums is a type of turf aiming to minimize effects of bad weather conditions. Due to the lack of air flow and sunlight in the stadiums or similar areas, hybrid turf which is of a combination of both natural and synthetic turf is used instead of natural turf.

What is Hybrid Turf?

Hybrid turf is a combination of both natural and synthetic turf which is also known as reinforced natural turf. The hybrid turf which is formed by the integration of nature and technology, is preferred by many big clubs with its ease of use, durability and longevity. The hybrid turf offers no chance to play comfortably as it does not get up or slip off the ground. As it is resistant to wearing, it minimalizes treatment and maintenance costs.

What are the Advantages of Hybrid Turf?

Maximum Performance

Hybrid turf ensures the same quality of playing on a natural turf ground and may be more than that. It allows for playing on less slippery gaming surfaces even when the ground is wet. Although the wearing is minimized, even in case of high wearing, a smoother and healthier game can be ensured without slipping or lifting of the ground. Hybrid turf offers friction, rolling resistance, shear strength, drainage and underfoot stability, maximizing the quality of the game. As a result, it offers a greener and healthier field without mud and turf breaks.

Hybrid Lawn Care Is More Advantageous

Changing the surface conditions of the hybrid turf is quite easy. You can change the surface conditions based on your needs. If any area is worn out and needs repair or replacement, the process is simple and can be completed in a short time.

High playing capacity

The hybrid turf field, which is longer lasting and durable than natural turf, provides both the chance to play and practice on the same surface. Therefore, players can both get training and play on the same surface without the need for a training field. The best part is that the field always remains green which is a great advantage for the image of the sports club.

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