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How to Choose Artificial Grass For Sports Grounds?

Spor Zeminler İçin Suni Çim Seçimi Nasıl Yapılmalıdır

Artificial grass is a type of grass used in artificial grass pitch, gardens and terraces of houses, cafes and restaurants and attracts attention with its stylish and aesthetic appearance. thanks to its ease of use and long-lasting and maintenance-free structure, it is used in various areas for different purposes.

Advantages of Using Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has many advantages over natural grass. Artificial grass is preferred more in sports fields because of its durable, maintenance-free and long-lasting properties. While natural grass is more costly and time-consuming, artificial grass provides convenience in terms of time and money. Therefore, you can use it up to 10 years without heavy costs and requirements of maintenance.

How Should You Choose Artificial Grass?

It is very important to choose the right product since you will use it for a long time. Different types of products are produced for use in different areas. Therefore, you should choose a product which suits to the area of use.

Considerations about choosing artificial grass are as follows:

While selecting artificial grass, the first consideration is the place and purpose of use. Because you should choose a different product for use in sports ground, garden or balconies.

The quality of the yarn has a direct effect on the lifetime of the product. Therefore you should consider the quality of the yarn.

Another consideration is choosing a UV resistant product to prolong the life of the grass carpet.

Considering all above when selecting your artificial grass, you can use it longer.

Artificial Grass Carpet Prices

The prices of synthetic grass carpets can vary according to the quality and size of the product. In addition, as the materials differ, the prices also vary for artificial grass designed for artificial grass pitch and landscape. It is healthiest to do a general price research before purchasing a grass carpet. For this, a price list can be obtained depending on the company to be purchased. Synthetic turf prices vary according to their quality and characteristics.

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

The lifespan of artificial grass products varies on average from 6 to 10 years. However, keep in mind that duration of use, density of use, yarn quality and frequency of weaving can also affect the lifespan.

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