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Features and Dimensions of Mini Football Fields

Thanks to their advantages, mini football fields are preferred in many areas including schools and collective housing. They are different from outdoor carpet fields in view of their dimension. They are designed for competitions between small number of people or to be used for development of children. The dimension of the football ground may vary based on the customer’s demands. Mini Football Field Features The mini football field, which are especially used for children, may have similar features with the…
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What Are The Factors Determining The Cost Of Football Field Construction?

The cost of artificial turf football field construction is variable based on different factors such as selection of the artificial turf, lightning options, and whether if will be an indoor or outdoor field. Therefore, before calculating the costs, the demands and needs as well as the ground conditions must be determined. The main factor which affect the cost is whether it will be an indoor or outdoor fields, since they have different processes and requirements. In addition to all, the…
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What are the Points to Consider for Artificial Grass Pitch Construction?

Artificial grass is very popular lately especially in artificial grass pitch floors. Thanks to its long-lasting and maintenance-free structure it is preferred more than natural grass. However, there are some points considerations for construction of the artificial grass pitch. Things to Consider in Artificial Grass Pitch Construction When constructing an artificial grass pitch, the first thing to determine is the location of the artificial grass pitch. The location of the carpet area should be determined considering the environmental impacts. Rather than…