Social Responsibility

The basic social responsibility understanding of Reform Group is to use our country’s resources efficiently, not to be insensitive to social problems, to contribute to the development of our country’s human resources, and to fulfil our responsibilities against the institutions, organizations and non-governmental organizations that work in this direction. We consider our prestige as one of our strongest values ​​as a result of our efforts in this direction.

Reform Group not only invests in industrial and sports facilities, but also demonstrates the same sensitivity in social projects, as well as numerous charitable activities, as well as many projects that benefit the community

Anadolu Youth Association Arnavutköy Branch

We completed the indoor sports halls of the Anatolian Youth Association, which is the most indigenous and national institution of our country, which raises President, Prime Minister, Minister, thousands of politicians and academics, and put these indoor sports halls into the service for our youth, the future of our country.

We will continue to contribute to the sports and social facilities of these pioneering institutions, which form the basis of our tangible and spiritual development, and train a healthy and ethical generation.

reform sports anadolu genclik arnavutkoy
reform sports gazze han yunus stadyum

Gazze Han Yunus Yunus Stadium, Palestine

In order to realize the dreams of young people of Gaza, the Reform Group renewed the Gaza Han Yunus Stadium area, the first and only social activity area of ​​Gaza, and put it into service as part of its social responsibility project.

Approximately 10 thousand square meters, an area built and in various social activities areas hosting Gaza, Khan Younis Stadium renovation project for years, living life in prison with various embargoes and sports took place thanks to a very loving Gazan youth to gain morale and motivation in order to Turkey and Reform Group. Harun Macit, Chairman of the Reform Group, was given an Honorary Chairmanship by the decision of Han Yunus Sports Club Board of Directors for his contributions to the Han Yunus Sports Club.

Erbaa Special Education Application Centre, Tokat

As Refom Group family, we endeavour to continue our social welfare activities without stopping. We undertook the construction of football field in Tokat Erbaa Special Education Application Center and aimed to contribute to the mental and physical development of our hundreds of children with disabilities.

Considering that approximately 7% of the population in our country is disabled, it is of great importance to bring disabled children into society and production. We will continue to increase our efforts with the same sensitivity in the coming years.

reform sports erbaa egitim
reform sports semdinli ilkokul

Semdinli Derecik Kocyigit Secondary School, Hakkari

The football field we built for Semdinli Derecik Koçyiğit Secondary School was a source of morale and motivation for our people who were overwhelmed by terror for years.

As a company, we will continue to provide social facilities to our children and young people in this region for sports.

Rize Merkez Güzelköy Quran Course

We have established multi-purpose sports fields for Rize Merkez Güzelköy Quran Course students to make use of their free time.

We, as the Reform Group family, built a multi-purpose sports field on the infrastructure that Rize Governor and association officials prepared with great efforts.

reform sports rize merkez kuran kurs

Reform Group is growing and developing every day and continues its activities with its 9 brands and 6 companies.


Innovation in the Reform Group means collaborative innovation. We blend technology and ideas to create a new value.


We always prioritize quality and customer trust. Our mission is to provide the highest plant quality within the shortest time.


We always prioritize quality and customer trust. Our mission is to provide the highest plant quality within the shortest time.