landscape artificial grass

Landscape Artificial Grass

Table of Contents Toggle Landscape Artificial GrassFor Every BudgetEasy-careNo difference from Natural GrassCharming Visuality Landscape Artificial Grass Artificial turf in your own garden is unimaginable for many people. This is mainly due to the fact that the natural look, smell and feel in their own garden is particularly important to people. After all, the garden is one of the most important areas for recreation. Nevertheless, artificial turf is also becoming increasingly popular in private gardens. Artificial turf does not need…
artificial grass on football pitch

Artificial Grass on Football Pitch

Football turf is artificial turf that has been specially designed for sports. Sports turf as artificial turf is particularly popular with football clubs, hockey clubs and golf clubs, but is also used in sports centers, football and crossfit. More and more private individuals are also deciding to lay sports turf in their garden. The children can play football or romp around on it without having to go to a sports club. However, laying sports turf in the garden has other…
sports field construction cost calculations and construction methods

Sports Field Construction Cost and Construction

Table of Contents Toggle Sports Field Construction: Cost Calculations And Construction MethodsExamples of construction methods in sports field construction with hybrid grassHow long does the construction of the sports field take?Which legal and technical requirements must be observed when building a sports field?Which preliminary examinations of the sports facility are required for planning? Sports Field Construction: Cost Calculations And Construction Methods The costs in sports field construction depend on numerous factors and vary depending on the construction of the sports…
how to build a padel tennis court

How To Build a Padel Tennis Court

Table of Contents Toggle How To Build a Padel Tennis CourtThe foundation for padel courtsBuild Padel Court: Calculate costs – compare prices How To Build a Padel Tennis Court How To Build a Padel Tennis Court – The padel court consists of specified standard dimensions and is played with specific padel rackets and balls. You learn padel very quickly. Also thanks to the simple rules very similar to tennis. The Padel Court is a playing field 10 meters wide and…
process of building an artificial grass tennis court

Process of Building an Artificial Grass Tennis Court

The use of artificial turf as a tennis court surface has become increasingly popular in recent years. Synthetic tennis turf is not only low-maintenance, but also offers a high standard of performance. It differs fundamentally from clay or natural grass because artificial grass can be used all year round in all kinds of weather conditions. These tennis courts are suitable for people of all ages and levels of experience. When it comes to artificial grass tennis court construction, we as…
advantages of artificial grass for a football field

6 Advantages of Artificial Grass for a Football Field

In the early years, athletes feared playing on synthetic football grass. In many cases, players suffered severe turf burns on their arms and other exposed areas of their bodies. Wearing the wrong shoes often resulted in serious knee and ankle injuries. Over the last 30 years, improvements in synthetic football grass have made it much easier to keep playing; In many cases, synthetic soccer grass can be better than real grass. The new generation of football turf products look and…
things you need to know about tennis courts in residential areas

Things You Need To Know About Tennis Courts in City

If you love tennis, why not bring tennis into your home by building a tennis court? You will have fun playing whenever you want and invite family and friends to join you! However, the plan of tennis court construction seems challenging, there are different options available to achieve the goal. Table of Contents Toggle Think About How Much Time You Want to Spend on Your Tennis Court The Location of the Tennis Court Carry Out Initial Research Into The Construction…
most important criteria for the construction of a multifunctional all weather pitch

Key Criteria for Multifunctional Site Construction

Table of Contents Toggle Most Important Criteria for the Construction of a Multifunctional All-Weather PitchTIP 1: Before Building the Tartan Court Determine the Concept of UseTIP 2: Good To Know Standard Sizes and RulingTIP 3: The Optimal Sub-base for Rainwater Drainage  TIP 4: Waterproof or Water permeable?TIP 5: The Ideal Sports Court Care for a Long Lifespan of the Sports Flooring Summary of the Construction of the Outdoor Sports Court Most Important Criteria for the Construction of a Multifunctional All-Weather…