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What is Polyurethane Floor Covering? What are the Areas of Use?

Poliüretan Zemin Kaplama Nedir? Kullanım Alanları Nelerdir

Polyurethane floor coating is a coating which can be applied in one-piece for use in sports halls, hospitals, clinics and industrial floors. Semi-flexible polyurethane flooring is easy to clean. Matte or glossy flooring systems are also resistant to sun rays as well as deformations such as cracking, drying and abrasion.

What is Polyurethane Floor Covering?

Polyurethane flooring is a semi-flexible, easy-to-clean coating system which provides both matt and glossy surface option. It can be applied to any type of concrete or steel structure. Polyurethane coating is generally applied on floors that are exposed to medium – heavy mechanical and chemical effects. It is preferred as an economic and safe system; however, as the application requires maximum caution, it should be furnished by a competent person.

What are the Properties of Polyurethane Floor Coating?

First of all, Polyurethane flooring is non-slip and non-dirt. It is resistant to abrasion, traffic and chemicals and has a soundproof feature reinforcing its decorative use.

What are the Uses of Polyurethane Floor Covering?

Polyurethane floor coverings is highly hygienic and durable and thus used in indoor sports halls, basketball, volleyball, tennis courts, gymnastics, wrestling etc. halls as well as offices and gardens, stores and display areas.

Polyurethane flooring can be used in various areas including but not limited to the following:

The floors of factories, production area, sports halls, playgrounds, warehouses, stock areas, cold storage warehouses, hangars, commercial greenhouses, service areas, supermarkets and showrooms, schools, studios, offices, hospitals and laboratories.

The polyurethane coating is similar to the epoxy coating with a more flexible structure. Polyurethane floor coating can be covered on concrete, screed, ceramic floors. It is highly important that the floor to be covered must be durable and rough.

Application of Polyurethane Flooring

Application of polyurethane flooring must be done by a professional. The area where polyurethane floor coating will be applied should be a smooth floor free from moisture. And then the primer lining is laid on a smooth surface. Intermediate layer polyurethane coating is applied 24 hours later and left to drying for 24 hours. Mezzanine is adjusted based on the desired thickness.

The practice must be done by a professional

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