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How to Build Athletics Tracks?

Atletizm Pistleri Nasıl Yapılır

You may be curious about how Athletic Tracks are built. Firstly, you need to know that the type of athletic tracks used in the parts and in the Olympic games are different. Because tracks for Professional use need to comply with certain standards. For example, SBR (a kind of synthetic rubber) and EPDM (a kind of synthetic rubber) rubber are obligatory in Professional/olympic tracks.

The first stage in construction an athletic track is to check the ground slope. Before laying the layers, the floor must be leveled, using granular materials for a smooth surface. You may also change the color of the track, although athletics tracks are usually made of red tartan floor.

Construction of Athletics Tracks

The construction of athletics tracks requires an expert touch as well as a knowledge on the standards of IAAF (International Athletics Federation). Therefore, the first condition remains to be following the rules to obtain a license for the runway.

The first stage in construction an athletics track is to check the ground slope. Before laying the layers, the floor must be leveled and later composite material can be placed, considering the drainage channel. During the elevation process, the range of 0.5% to 0.7% for the ground slope must be paid attention and adjustments must be made whenever necessary. Later, upper layers can be placed after the composite drainage materials are installed. On a later stage, 10 centimeter asphalt casting work is carried out to have a flat asphalt layer. In cases when asphalt is not used, 10 cm concrete can be sufficient. But it is highly important to level the surface for a flat surface. Keep in mind that no fluctuations above 3 mm are accepted on the track.

Athletics Tracks :

Now comes another challenging part: application of polymer between concrete floor and rubber floor to bond the two layers. Rubber SBR granule is added into the polymer and the mixture (8 to 10 mm) is poured and spread evenly. Later 4-5 mm EPDM granule is poured and leveled on the top. Now you can draw the lines of the track.

Construction of International Athletics Federation (IAAF) Approved Athletics Track

The athletic tracks are categorized as; Class1- Class2 and Construction categories are: I-II-III-IV-V

The track and field tracks approved by the International Athletics Federation have a standard length of 400 meters and different lengths of 401 or 398 are not allowed.

When constructing runways for professional purposes, a system connected to the drainage system is installed. The quality of polyurethane and composite material should be first quality to be approved by IAAF. Another consideration that must be paid attention is that the lines should be drawn carefully ensuring that the size between the lanes are the same to obtain a certificate.

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