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What is Tartan Floor Covering? Tartan Ground Usage Areas

Tartan Zemin Kaplama Nedir - Kullanım Alanları

Tartan floor, is a water-permeable sports floor type used in tennis courts, basketball courts, athletics tracks, jogging and warm-up areas. It is mostly used at the edges of football fields, indoor and outdoor sports halls and children’s playgrounds. It consists of two layers: SBR granule and EPDM.

What is the features of Tartan Floor Covering?

Use of tartan floor or tartan track coating has increasingly become widespread thanks to its soft feature which enables easy and comfortable movement. It is an absorbent, suspended product with high abrasion resistance offering various colors and patterns, and flexible structures suitable for outdoor conditions.

Tartan floors are used in walking and running areas as well as on indoor and outdoor tennis courts, basketball, volleyball courts, athletics tracks and all open sports field floors. Thanks to its elegant and durable features, it is accepted as an aesthetic product as well.

Tartan Ground Usage Areas

Tartan flooring is used in various indoor and outdoor spaces including children’s playgrounds, multi-purpose sports areas, athletics and fitness halls, bicycle paths, traffic training tracks, running and walking paths. They are also accepted to be among the favorite products which can be used in school gardens, classrooms and playgrounds, nursing homes, children’s hospitals, baby rooms, rehabilitation centers, walking paths and shooting ranges, garage entrances and parking lots, as well terrace and balconies of houses.

Advantages of Using Tartan Floor

Tartan floor has a shock-absorbing and protective feature makes it ideal for children’s playgrounds as it prevents injuries and eases the impact of falls. It also stands out as an hygienic and healthy product, which is indispensable for families.

It draws attention with its dry and non-slip structure and an outstanding drainage feature. It is also easy to clean as it cleans itself after the rain or whenever you want with water. Among many advantages, it is also flexible, easy-to-repair and resistant to abrasion and impacts which reinforces its long-lasting feature. Besides its flexible feature creates a walking comfort.

Finally, it is heat and sound insulated, resistant to UV rays and can resist severe weather conditions, which again is a proof of its long-lasting feature.

How is Tartan Ground Applied?

Tartan ground has a flat surface without any protrusions. Thus, the first step of applying a tartan ground is determining thickness, color and model of the tartan floor before preparing the floor. After having a smooth floor, adhesive material is applied on the concrete surface with a 0.45 kg per square meter. And then the coating is applied. Both adhesive and coating can be carried out in rows of 5-7 meters.

If bumped rubber material is used, then it is applied without adhesive on the compacted and leveled soil surface.

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