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What are Areas of Use of the Synthetic Turf?

Sentetik Çim Kullanım Alanları Nelerdir

Artificial turf is highly convenient in terms of maintenance and cost and is frequently preferred as a durable product. While natural turf has a high maintenance cost and requirement, it can still worn-out in case of excessive use. Thus, artificial turf is preferred more due to its maintenance-free structure.

Artificial turf resembles to natural g turf in appearance but more durable and easy to maintain. Therefore, while it is mostly used both for sports areas, nowadays you can use it in houses, restaurants, cafes and many other parts of our lives.

What is Synthetic Turf?

Synthetic turf is a type of turf, which is produced as an alternative to natural turf. It has a wide area of use thanks to its maintenance-free and irrigation-free features. While natural turf needs to be rested from time to time, artificial turf is available for use 24/7. What’s more it is more resistant to bad weather and can be used for up to 10 years.

Where is Synthetic Turf Used?

The ​​synthetic turf has a great range of areas of use. It can be produced to be used for different purposes. The most popular ones are artificial turf pitch construction and garden landscaping.

Artificial Turf Pitch

Synthetic turf is mostly used in artificial turf pitch. The use of artificial turf has many advantages including low cost and no maintenance which makes it highly popular for use in commercial football fields.

Sports Grounds

Artificial turf is used in different sports grounds such as rugby, hockey, golf, etc. and is produced differently for each sports branch with the aim of providing comfortable and high-quality playing opportunities.

Garden Landscape

A green ground is an inevitable part of the garden landscape. The green area you create in your garden make you feel like you are surrounded by nature. You can have this aesthetic appearance in your garden by using artificial turf which is both comfortable and care-free.

Cafe and Restaurants

Artificial turf is frequently used in the gardens of cafes and restaurants. While creating a natural look, it also with its aesthetic stance.

Balconies and Terraces

Everyone likes the comfort of their houses. Therefore, who want to decorate their balcony and terraces with a natural and comfortable image prefer artificial turf which changes the air of the balcony or terrace.


Artificial turf is frequently used around the pool, so that you can soak in the pool surrounded by nature. Artificial turf produced for decorative purposes is suitable for these areas so that a natural and aesthetic image is obtained.


Artificial turf is also used in playgrounds due to its natural turf appearance and maintenance-free structure. Thanks to its nature, it also gives a comfortable feeling when playing or walking on the turf with naked-feet.

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