artificial grass on football pitch

Artificial Grass on Football Pitch

Artificial Grass on Football Pitch Football turf is artificial turf that has been specially designed for sports. Sports turf as artificial turf is particularly popular with football clubs, hockey clubs and golf clubs, but is also used in sports centers, football and crossfit. More and more private individuals are also deciding to lay sports turf in their garden. The children can play football or romp around on it without having to go to a sports club. However, laying sports turf…
sports field construction cost calculations and construction methods

Sports Field Construction: Cost Calculations And Construction Methods

Sports Field Construction: Cost Calculations And Construction Methods The costs in sports field construction depend on numerous factors and vary depending on the construction of the sports field. The construction of a natural turf field presents the sports field builder with different challenges compared to the construction of a new artificial turf field. Sports fields with hybrid turf systems are increasingly being installed in municipal areas, and there are also different types of construction. DIN 18035-4 describes in detail which…
what reform sports artificial grass pitch offers

What Reform Sports Artificial Grass Pitch Offers

Although most natural turfs still prevail, artificial turf has made more and more friends with clubs, players and fans in football in recent years. The advantages are obvious: the artificial turf is easy to care for, weatherproof and the risk of injury is lower because movements are better cushioned. In addition, it can be used intensively. There are a variety of different turf qualities that depend on the use and therefore have a different fiber structure and density. Artificial turf…
spor sahasi yapiminda dikkat edilmesi gerekenler

Particulars of Sports Field Construction

World is increasingly attaching a great importance to sportive activities and hence sports fields are becoming popular too. They are important for athletes, both amateur and professional and thus, it must both comfort and aesthetic for athletes. Before constructing a sports field, attention should be paid to create a comfortable field which will attract more demand by the customers. Particulars to be Considered before Field Construction First of all, the place where the sports field will be built should be considered well.…
atletizm pistleri nasil yapilir

How to Build Athletics Tracks?

You may be curious about how Athletic Tracks are built. Firstly, you need to know that the type of athletic tracks used in the parts and in the Olympic games are different. Because tracks for Professional use need to comply with certain standards. For example, SBR (a kind of synthetic rubber) and EPDM (a kind of synthetic rubber) rubber are obligatory in Professional/olympic tracks. The first stage in construction an athletic track is to check the ground slope. Before laying…
itf profesyonel tenis kortu olculeri

What is ITF Professional Tennis Court Field Dimensions?

What is ITF Professional Tennis Court Field Dimensions? ITF Professional Tennis court pitches are fixed by ITF for professional competitions. Tennis field dimensions are 23,77m and 10,97m in the lines. It is not enough to comply with the prescribed rules of the game while playing tennis. The tennis court on which the competitions take place must also comply with the standard field size specified by the ITF (International Tennis Federation). While the tennis court sizes for doubles and singles competitions…
basketbol sahasinin yapimi hakkinda bilgiler

Information About the Construction of the Basketball Court

In the construction of the basketball court, as we have done in field studies, the floor application is made and the required quota is brought to the floor with levelling adjustments. Excavations are made in accordance with the details of the project beams and moulds are connected to the stirrups are placed in the mould. Then, the anchoring pipes that will be transported to the wire mesh system are placed at intervals suitable for the project and the concrete pouring…
tenis kortu cesitleri nelerdir zeminlerine gore kortlar

Types of Tennis Courts Open, Indoor and 3 Floor Types

Types of Tennis Courts Types of Tennis Courts can be examined in two main groups. The tennis courts, which are divided into outdoor tennis courts and indoor tennis courts, are divided into 3 according to the synthetic floor types that can be applied; Open Tennis Court Construction Indoor Tennis Court Construction Synthetic Turf tennis court grounds Acrylic Tennis Court Floors Tartan tennis court grounds Tennis, which makes life beautiful, is one of the most popular sports in the world. We will…