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Floor Types Used in Basketball Court?

Different types of floors are used in Basketball Courts. Today, Acrylic is a favorite flooring for basketball courts due to cost of materials and easy installation. Parquet floors are common for indoor basketball courts and common for international, professional matches but the disadvantage of parquet flooring is most expensive flooring and to be used for indoor basketball constructions. Tartan and Polyurethane flooring also a common and preferred flooring for basketball pitches and mostly preferred for outdoor use due to its…
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Information About the Construction of the Basketball Court

In the construction of the basketball court, as we have done in field studies, the floor application is made and the required quota is brought to the floor with levelling adjustments. Excavations are made in accordance with the details of the project beams and moulds are connected to the stirrups are placed in the mould. Then, the anchoring pipes that will be transported to the wire mesh system are placed at intervals suitable for the project and the concrete pouring…