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What Are The Factors Determining The Cost Of Football Field Construction?

Halı Saha Yapım Maliyetini Belirleyen Faktörler Nelerdir

The cost of artificial turf football field construction is variable based on different factors such as selection of the artificial turf, lightning options, and whether if will be an indoor or outdoor field. Therefore, before calculating the costs, the demands and needs as well as the ground conditions must be determined.

The main factor which affect the cost is whether it will be an indoor or outdoor fields, since they have different processes and requirements. In addition to all, the material to be used during construction of the carpet field and its size must be determined.

What are the Factors affecting the Cost of Football Field Construction?

Selection of Artificial Grass Carpet

Price of the carpet is determined based on the synthetic grass model and features. There are different prices/m2 for different alternatives. Therefore, the costs vary a lot. It is important to choose quality artificial turf in carpet field construction for long-term use. While it may come costly in the first place, the long-term use makes it more cost-efficient.

For professional carpet pitches, FIFA certified synthetic turf approved by FIFA laboratories should be used. At this stage FIFA tests applied and either FIFA 1 Star or FIFA 2 Star certificate is granted.

FIFA certified pitches are more expensive since they have higher rate of granules and the tests bring additional costs.

Ground Check

In order to determine the cost of artificial turf football field construction, ground must be checked. Before the construction, the ground must be checked and if it is not strong enough, improvement works must be carried out, calculating the materials to be used.

Infrastructure Cost

Infrastructure costs must be calculated including the infrastructure materials. At this process, the size of the area where the carpet field will be established determines the infrastructure materials, which in term demonstrates the infrastructure costs.

Steel Construction Features

The cost of carpet field construction is also based on the type of the steel or iron construction material to be used. The cost is affected by the use of steel or iron, which affect the static values such as the load to be statically carried by the construction and the carriers, as well as the climatic values ​​such as wind and snow load.

Lighting Types

Another important factor affecting the cost of carpet pitch is lighting systems. Lighting systems which are efficient and long-lasting are highly important in the carpet fields. As a result, the quality of the lighting system affects the cost.

Tarpaulin Installation

When considering an indoor carpet pitch, the canvas fabric which is used to close the carpet field is also included in the cost. In addition, the other products that can be preferred such as PVC panel, sheet metal cover and fibroser can affect the costs.

External Factors Affecting Football Field Cost

Dressing rooms and shower areas can also be made expensive or affordable based on the client’s wishes.

If areas where people can spend time are also added to the plan, the construction cost must include the additional costs such as the construction of cafeterias to be built based on the client’s wishes.

Another cost that may be overlooked when calculating the construction costs is the landscaping costs which beautify the surrounding of the artificial grass carpet fields.

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