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Features and Dimensions of Mini Football Fields

Mini Futbol Sahası Özellikleri ve Ölçüleri

Thanks to their advantages, mini football fields are preferred in many areas including schools and collective housing. They are different from outdoor carpet fields in view of their dimension. They are designed for competitions between small number of people or to be used for development of children. The dimension of the mini football fields may vary based on the customer’s demands.

Mini Football Field Features

The mini football field, which are especially used for children, may have similar features with the outdoor carpet fields. The features of mini football fields can be listed as follows:

The floor coating is elastic to minimize injuries.

Allows players of 6×6 – 7×7 – 8×8.

The ground is designed to allow comfortable play with best ball movement, increasing the player’s performance.

The panel fences or nets keeps the ball inside, preventing any foreign material outside.

The ground is soft to prevent children from injuries.

Mini Football Field Dimensions

The size of the mini football field varies based on the customer’s request. However, the area is also analyzed to check whether it is suitable for the requested dimension as well. Therefore, the dimension of the mini football field is determined based on purpose of use, the features of the plot, the ground condition, and the presence of the oval border.

Considering above all, the standard dimensions of the mini football field can be 20m x 40m, 25m x 45m, 30m x 50m and its multiples. The height of the mini football field can be 50m – 7 m and 9 m.

Among different proportions, 30m x 50m is the most preferred ones. They are mostly preferred for sports complexes built in neighborhoods, schools and collective housing. When it comes to 20m x 40m dimensions, they are mostly preferred for individual use in private properties.

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