Volleyball Court Technical Specifications

Our technical specifications for volleyball court construction are as follows. Written for outdoor volleyball courts. The floor specifications for volleyball courts with artificial turf carpet, acrylic and tartan floors are also specified.

Volleyball Court Construction Dimensions:

  • Volleyball field construction is standard. A volleyball court has a rectangular shape. Volleyball court measures 9 meters in width and 18 meters in length.
  • There must be a clearance of at least 3 meters from each side line of the site. However, the dimensions can be changed in smaller areas.
  • The characteristics of the volleyball courts should be white with 5 cm thickness. The game floor should be made of wooden parquet or special rubber flat floor.
  • The height of the net is 2 meters 43 centimeters in men’s volleyball and 2 meters 24 centimeters in women. Mesh poles should be 2 meters 55 centimeters high and adjustable. • Volleyball Court Technical Specification



  • After the application work is done in the area where the volleyball court will be built, the ground is leveled to zero code.
  • After the excavation work is done, the excavation is done at a depth of 25cm for the surrounding beams.
  • 25cm wide and 50cm high double surface wooden formwork is attached to the excavated area. Three lower and three upper reinforcing bars of Ø10mm diameter are placed inside the mold.
  • Ø8mm diameter stirrups are connected to the iron reinforcement with 25cm intervals.
  • After connecting the stirrups, anchor pipes are fixed to the iron reinforcement in the mold with a distance of 3m (Ø76x3mm) to the places where the surrounding poles will come.
  • BS 20 (C 20) Ready-mixed concrete is poured into the surrounding molds to form reinforced concrete beams.


1- CONCRETE FLOOR (Applications: Tartan, Grass Carpet)

  • Leveling is done by laying 5cm (16-22mm) 2 crushed stone in the field surrounded by concrete beams.
  • Leveling is done by pouring 0.005% (five per thousand) slope on the leveled crushed stone by pouring BS 20 (C-20) ready-mixed concrete with (12-15) Cm mesh steel.

2- ASPHALT FLOOR (Applications: Acrylic, Grass Carpet, Tartan)

  • The concrete is surrounded by a (10-15) cm stabilized material or plentmix filling and compacted with a vibratory roller.
  • 0.5% (five thousandth) slope (5-7) cm zero (0) surface asphalt is laid on the compacted ground and rolled.

3- ASPHALT FLOOR ON CONCRETE (Applications: Acrylic, Grass Carpet, Tartan)

  • Leveling is done by laying 5cm (16-22mm) 2 crushed stone in the field surrounded by concrete beams.
  • Leveling is done by pouring 0.5% (five per thousand) slope over the leveled crushed stone (12-15) Cm mesh steel reinforced BS 20 (C-20) ready-mixed concrete.
  • On the concrete floor (5-7) cm zero (0) surface asphalt asphalt is laid and rolled. • Volleyball Court Technical Specification


  • After the infrastructure is completed, 4 m. height (Ø60x2mm) pipes are welded vertically.
  • 3 rows (top, middle and bottom) Ø60x2mm pipes are welded horizontally.
  • Pipes are welded diagonally to corners, short and long edges (Ø60x2mm).
  • For the lighting, 4 pieces of 5m high (Ø76x3mm) pipes are connected to the construction by welding.
  • One hinged door is made of pipe (Ø60x2mm) at the desired place.
  • All Iron Manufacture It is painted with synthetic resin special metal anticorrosion paint (Nefti Green) color which combines the features of the anticorrosive protective topcoat glossy paint. • Volleyball Court Technical Specification


  • The area is covered with 4m height, 3.5mm wall thickness, 40x40mm mesh, dipped galvanized PVC coated spiral wire mesh.
  • After the wire mesh is stretched and connected, 5 mm steel rope is stretched in 2 rows around the field, then the tensioned steel ropes are fixed with terminals.


  • Projector poles which are manufactured as ladder are installed with 4-8 pieces (varies according to field dimensions) Imported 400 W Metal Halide bulb projectors.
  • Electrical connections are made with TSE certified rubber insulated 4 × 4 NYY Cable.
  • Electrical Installation up to the panel is installed and the projectors are delivered in working condition.


Mounting of the equipment that is suitable for the project is done on the ground with eyebolts. (Volleyball Poles and other accessories)



  • Before the tartan floor is made, the surface of the cured concrete or asphalt floor is cleaned and free of dust and foreign materials.
  • Primer (Primer) is applied on the surface to increase the retention of the material to be applied.
  • Following the primer layer, the SBR Granules with a diameter of (1-4) mm (specially selected) are mixed with 20% Polyurethane Binder and spread with a paver thickness of 8mm.
  • The laid material is expected to cure for approximately 24 hours.
  • At the end of the curing time (1-4) mm Diameter (High Strength and UV resistant) Colored TPV or EPDM Granules are mixed with 20% Polyurethane Binder and spread with Paver 7mm Thickness.
  • On the elastic floor created, the game lines are drawn using acrylic paint and the field is ready for use.

ACRYLIC FLOOR (Applied on asphalt)

  • Before the acrylic floor is made, the cured asphalt floor surface is cleaned and free of dust and foreign matter.
  • Primer (Primer) is applied on the surface to increase the retention of the material to be applied.
  • After the primer application, a Resurfecer layer is applied to cover the pores on the floor.
  • Three layers of Coushion (powder SBR mixture) are then applied to the substrate to form an elastic layer (upon request).
  • Two coats of Acrylic paint are applied on the created layer.
  • Game lines are drawn on acrylic paints according to the project and the field is ready for use.


  • Before the artificial turf carpet is made, Geotextile flecked felt is laid on the prepared concrete or asphalt ground by wetting.
  • Sand and Granule Filled (5 Years Warranty, 20-26MM) Grass Carpet is laid on the felt. (Technical specifications vary according to carpet types)
  • Spread of the Lawn Carpet, joints 20 cm, between the lines, 30 cm wide with the help of helmetin cloth is adhered by using special two-component polyurethane adhesive.
  • Field Game lines are cut and placed according to the project.
  • 22-30 Kg / m2 (varies according to the type of carpet used) Sifted, washed, baked special silica sand is poured into the carpet.
  • The laid sand material is brushed and the field is delivered as ready to play. • Volleyball Court Technical Specification