Open Synthetic Turf Technical Specification and Construction Steps

Outdoor Synthetic turf Technical Specification•This technical specification is valid for astroturfs between 800-1500m2. The technical information and technical specifications required for outdoor synthetic turf construction are as follows. You can find detailed information about synthetic turf infrastructure construction, iron works, artificial turf and all other items here.


  • After the application is made in the area where the field will be made, the floor is leveled to zero code and compacted with a vibratory roller.
  • After the earthmoving work is done, excavation is conducted at a depth of 30cm for the surrounding girders.
  • 30cm wide and 50cm high double surface wooden formwork is attached to the excavated area. Two lower and two upper reinforcing bars of Ø12mm diameter are placed inside the mould.
  • Ø8mm diameter stirrups are connected to the iron reinforcement with 30cm intervals.
  • After the stirrups are connected, they are fixed to the iron reinforcement in anchor pipes with a distance of 3m (Ø89x3mm) to the places of the surrounding poles.
  • PVC pipes are placed in the beams at 3m intervals (Ø50mm) in order to drain the water coming to the floor and discharge it out of the field.
  • BS 20 (C 20) Ready-mixed concrete is poured into the surrounding moulds to form reinforced concrete beams.
  • After the concrete is completed, it is laid with a ballast machine with a height of 10–15cm and 3’number (20mm-30mm) and compacted with a suitable tonnage cylinder. On the compacted ballast 3, the crushed stone with a height of 5-10 cm with a height of 5-10 cm is laid and rigged manually.  Outdoor Synthetic Turf Technical

  • After the infrastructure is completed, 7m height (Ø76x3mm) pipes are mounted vertically by welding to the pipes which are anchored to the concrete line (Ø89x3mm).
  • 3 rows (top, middle and bottom) Ø60x2mm pipes are welded horizontally.
  • The pipes are welded diagonally to the corners, the back of the goal post and the long sides (Ø60x2mm).
  • 4 pieces of pipes (varying according to the field dimensions) 8m high (Ø76x3mm) on the long sides of the field for lighting are mounted to the construction with stairs.
  • One hinged door is made of pipe (Ø60x2mm) at the desired place in the construction.
  • In addition, the goal post poles (Ø89x3mm) are made to the site using the pipe to the desired extent.
  • The manufactured iron materials are painted with synthetic resin special metal anticorrosion paint (Dark Green), which combines the features of the anticorrosive protective topcoat glossy paint.

  • The area is coated spiral wire mesh around 3m high, 3.5mm wall thickness, 50x50mm mesh, is coated with dipped galvanized PVC.
  •  After the wire mesh is stretched and connected, 5mm steel rope is stretched to the long side 4 of the field and 5 rows to the back of the goal post
  • The sides of the field and the back of the goal post are covered with a mesh made of 100% polyamide yarn with 90-120 number in 120m120mm mesh with 4m height.
  • The field is covered with a mesh of No.66, 100% polyamide yarn in the mesh having an interocular distance of 150x150mm
  • The goal posts are covered with a mesh made of 4mm 100% polyamide yarn mesh having an having an interocular distance of 120x120mm.

  • 12–18 pieces (varies according to field dimensions) Imported 400 W Metal Halide bulb projectors are installed to the projector poles, which are manufactured with ladders.
  • Electrical connections are made with TSE certified rubber insulated 4 × 4 NYY Cable.
  • Electrical Installation up to the panel is installed and the projectors are delivered in working condition.

  • The grizzled geotextile pad is laid on the rigged gravel.
  • Sand and Granule Filled (11000 Dtex, 7 Year Warranty, 55MM) synthetic turf is laid on the pad. (Technical specifications vary according to turf types)
  • The joints of the laid turf are 20cm between the lines 30cm wide and glued with the help of Helmetin glue.
  • The field lines are cut and placed in accordance with the measurements. (The area between the corners and crown lines and the wire mesh can optionally be tile colour)
  • Adhesive used in Helmetin gland is polyurethane based double component.
  • 20-30 Kg / m2 (varies according to the type of turf used) turf is sieved, washed, baked special silica sand is poured.
  • 6–9 kg / m2 (depending on the type of turf used) Black S.B.R Granule is laid on the sand.
  • The laid sand and granular material is brushed and the field is delivered as “ready to play”.