Artificial Turf And Synthetic Grass Use Maintenance Manual

  • The floor of the pitch takes shape in the first months after installation, so applying a regular synthetic turf brushing program in the early stages will help to achieve a better playing ground. The continuation of the use of the site even after the warranty period is largely dependent on regular maintenance. More than half of all sites are changed due to problems caused by overdue maintenance, not the wear of artificial turf fibres. Refer to Artificial Turf Maintenance Book.
  • The maintenance period varies according to the frequency of use of the site to be maintained. This maintenance should be done every 3-4 weeks in normal use areas and every 1-2 weeks in intensive use areas. In this maintenance, leaves, glass pieces, cigarette butts, branches, stones and chewing gum are removed from the field. Pitches are areas that are naturally exposed to dust. The powders eventually penetrate into the synthetic turf. Prevention of this and Field Surface; it must be brushed at regular intervals in order to maintain its softness and flexibility. You can also do this with a garden brush (hard plastic wire), which you can easily find at a store selling building materials. As an alternative for larger and professional level artificial turf fields, you can easily do this with our motorized brushing machines. Contact our sales representatives for more information. Refer to Artificial Turf Maintenance Book.
  • Crampon Usage: All athletes who will be active on the field should use sports shoes that are produced in accordance with synthetic turf fields. Synthetic turf should not do sports with metal studded spikes or similar sneakers that may damage the carpet or use the field in this way. Women’s shoes with pointed heels are still not suitable for synthetic turf surfaces. It is objectionable to use this type of shoes on the field surface. Refer to Artificial Turf Maintenance Book.
  • Granule Addition: The operator also ejects some of the granules on the surface to remove snow and other foreign materials from the surface; in this case, it should immediately add the amount of granulated SBR granules that are minimized. Otherwise the product will be out of warranty.
  • Abrasives: Gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and similar chemical solvents, chemicals with corrosive and acidic properties should be prevented from contacting the site.
  • There should be no intervention on the field that will pierce, cut, and damage the synthetic turf carpet. The synthetic turf is laid freely on the field surface and must not be raised or folded at all. Refer to Artificial Turf Maintenance Book.
  • Irrigation Process: In hot weather, the whole carpet area should be watered at least once after sunset. Irrigation reduces friction in the field, creating a more slippery and faster surface. At the same time, watering allows the field to cool in the summers, thus improving the comfort of play on players’ sliding contacts with the surface.
  • No fire should be made on the field, torch, and fireworks and so on. Flammable and caustic materials should not be used on the site and direct and indirect contact of high heat sources with the field surface should be prevented.
  • If ceremonial marches and similar activities are organized on the site, care must be taken not to create limited or excessive traffic on a certain area.
  • Scaffolding or heavy bulk objects should not be installed in the completed areas.
  • The installation of the sites and any repairs that may occur should only be carried out by REFORM.
  • General maintenance of the site is required every six months with REFORM (under the Paid Maintenance Agreement).
  • Users, Site Owners, or agents who own one of our products should follow our simple recommendations.
  • Due to the lack of maintenance, the life of the synthetic field will also be significantly shortened. For this reason, we recommend that you increase the investment in the field. Regular maintenance should not be interrupted.

Note: This specification is prepared by Reform Sports Systems.