Uretim Hizmetleri

Manufacturing Services

We have the capacity to manufacture 13.000.000 m² synthetic turf per year with high speed, cutting-edge-technology with fully automatic tufting machines. In our production, it combines the raw materials obtained from the manufacturers with proven quality to the world with UV resistance, abrasion resistance and flexible PP, PE, PA strands and specially manufactured base cloth and latex for its customers to use synthetic turf for years.

Reform Group granules with high UV resistance and long lasting colours are innovative, free of heavy metals, flame retardant and environment-friendly.

Reform Group floor systems have always been the right choice for athletes with the excellent resistance to slip and wear, long-term playability and durability. Surface grounds can be made in different colours and smoothly.

The Reform Group chemistry division offers products in various colors and respecting the nature to be used in all kinds of sports and landscaping applications. These are fast drying, UV resistant and suitable for all weather conditions for outdoor and indoor applications. Usage areas are the tennis courts, athletics tracks and multi-purpose sports fields.

Some sports equipment used in the sports industry is manufactured. The company manufactures some machines used in the construction and maintenance of sports facilities.

Structures for cattle and small cattle under the brand of Refziraat. We supply animal bed, kennel, ranch-bed, double layer bed, three layer bed, feed lock, automatic waterer, calf bed and all necessary equipments for animals. Steel construction roof systems are manufactured for indoor sports halls, football fields, tennis courts, tribunes and animal shelters

With the quality control system, the products are scrupulously inspected at every stage of production and are delivered to our customers without errors. With our R & D department, we continuously develop new products and offer high quality and high technological products to our customers.