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Indoor Football Pitches

The indoor football pitches , known as the closed pitch , is built by closing the pitch and sides of the pitch with the construction system in accordance with the static calculations . The construction is covered with tarpaulin or corrugated material made of glass fibre material. Field sides can be opened and closed if desired. For indoor field construction, third and fourth floor synthetic turf s are used.

Reform Sports’ expert and experienced team realizes the Indoor Football Pitch as a turnkey project within 6-8 weeks and presents it to you.

Indoor Football Pitch Construction

We produce turf artificial turf in our 12.500 m² factory in Çorlu, Tekirdağ. Annual production capacity of artificial turf is 13.000.000 m². The latest technology production techniques and high quality European yarns are used.

For indoor field construction, our artificial turf models can be produced in different colors as 40mm, 50mm, 55mm and 60mm. Generally, 55mm artificial turf s are preferred in field construction. Our artificial turf models made of monofilament and fibrile yarn can be produced in single and double colors.

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Football Pitch Dimension

  • 18m * 36m = 648 m² (all purpose)
  • 20m * 40m = 800 m²
  • 25m * 40m = 1000 m²
  • 25m * 45m = 1125 m²
  • 27m * 47m = 1269 m²
  • 30m * 50m = 1500 m²
  • 32m * 52m = 1664 m²

The most suitable pitches are considered to be approximately 30m * 50m. Larger pitches are not suitable for commercial use and for amateur football fans.

Kapali Futbol Sahasi 1

Indoor Football Pitch Construction Cost

The cost of construction of the Indoor Football Pitch varies primarily according to the type of the Indoor Football Pitch. Tarpaulin, sheet or pvc coating material used in the construction of covered  fields shows price differences. The most important price difference in indoor  field construction is due to its size.

Indoor  pitches for commercial purposes can be made from 20mx40m up to 30mx50m. The most preferred indoor  area that allows 7 × 7 people to play ball easily is 30mx50m. 20mx40m is usually small in commercial indoor  pitches, but 25mx45m indoor  pitch can be preferred in price performance.

What are the factors that affect the cost of  pitch?

  • Artificial turf  model also affects the cost of  pitch. Prices of synthetic turfs vary with factors such as fibril, monofilament, pile length, frequency, vertebrate.
  • In addition, the choice of  field lighting as LED is one of the factors that increase the price. Although the initial cost of LED lighting is very high, it pays for itself in as little as one and a half years. 100W LED projector will be enough instead of 400W halide projector .
  • Artificial turf  granules thrown on the field also affects the cost of the field. The use of high quality grey granules or green granules instead of black SBR granules is another factor that increases the price.

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Indoor Football Pitch Construction


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Indoor Football Pitch Construction Cost

Artificial Turf Field Construction Cost; whether the field is open or closed, the type of artificial turf to be used, the size and location of the field will vary. To get a price according to your project, you can get an offer from us by specifying the details.