Garden G
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Garden G

Garden G Grass

Garden G is the new generation synthetic turf garden model. It is produced from light and dark monofilament yarns with the latest technology to provide a natural appearance. Texturized (curly) woven with different tone yarns. It is an environmentally friendly product. It is a product that needs less maintenance and repair.

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Garden G Grass

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Garden G General Features

Yarn Type

Textured, Monofilament

Yarn Properties

%100 PE

The pile height of

15 mm by 55 mm cross

Colour Options


Usage Areas

Garden Landscape, Roof Landscape, Balcony – Terrace Landscape, Child Playgrounds, Trade and Miscellaneous Event Fields, Business and Shopping Centers, Pool Edges, Running anD Walking Path Roads, City Recreation Areas

Reform Sports decorative artificial turf, produced with high technology for indoor and outdoor applications, has the following advantages:

  • Installation is fast and practical.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Resistant to all weather conditions.
  • Resistant to friction and abrasion.
  • Hygienic, does not produce bacteria and do not contain.
  • It creates a safe and healthy area.
  • It has a lush and well-maintained appearance throughout the year .
  • Maintenance and repair costs are low.
  • It does not require irrigation; it saves you water wastage and costs.

High Quality

Our products are produced with the highest quality, ethical standards and in accordance with the technical specifications.

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Our abrasion and wear resistant products come with different heights, colour options and unique characteristics.

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Long Lasting

Artificial turfs are easy to maintain and cheap, as well as have a very long life with small maintenance.

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Natural Appearance

It is produced with monofilament yarns for aesthetic and more natural appearance.

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High UV Resistance

It is produced with special UV resistant additive. Besides being resistant to UV rays, it is also resistant to cold weather.

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Nature Friendly

Our products are manufactured with environmental awareness and consist of recyclable materials with the use of effective technology and components.

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