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Reform Sports, which specializes in the construction of Rugby Fields, performs turnkey construction works in a short time.
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    Rugby Fields

    Rugby is a sport based on high levels of strength and fitness . Reform Sports synthetic turf, the choice of professionals, keeps sports performance at the highest level by keeping the performance values ​​at the highest level.  

    The softness of the yarn structure of our synthetic grass specially developed for rugby sports reduces the amount of impact taken in hard drops to the ground. Our artificial turf specially produced for Rugby Field Construction has successfully passed UV resistance abrasion tests.

    Reform Sports, which specializes in Rugby Field construction, performs Rugby Field construction works on a turnkey basis in a short time.

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    Rugby Field Construction and Measurements

    Dimensions of Rugby Field; the length should not exceed 100 meters and the width should not exceed 70 meters. The rugby castle is 5.6 meters wide and 3 meters high. The poles on the sides of the fortress that form the H-shape should be greater than 3.4 meters. The shots passing through these poles and above the middle pole are considered as numbers. After a try, a 2-point conversion shot is made between the rugby goal posts.

    In the Rugby Field Construction, the try field is not within the field dimensions. The try area must be at least 10 meters long to allow players to put the ball comfortably on the ground, stop when they accelerate, and avoid injury. In rugby, the throws are used from the crown line where the ball comes out. There are players attempting to catch the ball between the dashed lines of 5 meters and 15 meters from the point where the throw is made.

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    Rugby Field Construction Cost

    Artificial Turf Rugby Field Construction Cost; It varies according to the type of artificial turf to be used, size and location of the field to be made. To get a price according to your project, you can get an offer from us by specifying the details.