Gölcük Naval Command

Country: Turkey
City: Kocaeli

Synthetic Golf Course Construction

Golf Synthetic turf , which we have produced specially for the construction of synthetic ground golf fields, has been completed and delivered to the field in Gölcük Navy. This golf course shape is specially designed by our teams and has been given an aesthetic appearance by applying paving stone around it.

The course of the golf course, which runs along a certain path, consists of a total of 9 holes. Bumps and obstacles have been added to the route for a natural playground feel.

Synthetic turf Golf Course Application

Synthetic turf application was made by first creating a paving stone around the perimeter. Gravel filling was made in the area inside the paving stones. Gravel fill grass floor is applied as a drainage layer by preventing water retention in rainy days. After shaping and correcting gravel fill, Synthetic turf application for custom produced golf is performed by our teams.