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Which Factors Affect The Pitch Construction Prices?

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Which Factors Affect The Pitch Construction Prices?

Which Factors Affect The Pitch Construction Prices? • In this article you will find important information from the manufacturer Reform Sports as an answer to the question on which factors the prices of Synthetic Turf vary.
Synthetic Turf are produced for practical use in different areas. The most common usage area of Synthetic Turf, which is more durable than natural Turf, is Football Pitches. Synthetic turf are increasingly demanding because they are less affected by weather conditions and do not require maintenance and irrigation costs. Apart from the Football Pitch, they can be used safely and for a long time outdoors such as home gardens, hotel gardens, café gardens, terraces and balconies.

1- Synthetic Turf Prices by Pile Length

Synthetic Turf models and prices vary according to some criteria. Pile size and yarn type are the main factors that affect the quality and prices of synthetic turf.

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Pile sizes vary between 6 mm and 60 mm. Synthetic Turf   from 6 mm to 15 mm are generally used for decorative purposes. Turf  from 15 mm to 55 mm are preferred for aesthetic purposes in workplaces, terraces, balconies, café gardens and various organizations.

Synthetic  of 55-60 mm pile size are generally used for Football Pitchs and various sports fields. As the durability and weaving density of the turf  increases at every mm, the price naturally increases.

2- Synthetic Turf Prices According to Yarn Type

Another factor affecting the price of Synthetic Turf are determined too, is a type of yarn used in the production. In order to give the a natural look, synthetic ropes with different properties are used between the lawns. Synthetic ropes provide Synthetic Turf with a natural appearance and fullness. The type and frequency of use of the rope is effective in determining the price of the turf .

The ropes may be of different types such as fibril, vertebrate and monofilament. The appearance of the turf varies according to the frequency of use of the monofilament and fibrillated rope varieties of raw materials, artificial and synthetic materials. The use of these rope types such as fibril double colour, vertebrate monofilament, monofilament double colour, vertebrate monofilament single colour and LSR fibril increases the prices of Synthetic Turf at certain rates.

3- Synthetic Turf Side Materials

In addition, there are other factors that affect the prices of Synthetic Turf during the application phase. Special adhesives are used for bonding synthetic to the area where they will be applied . The Helmetin cloth, which is used when gluing at joints, is one of the factors affecting the application costs of Turf . Sand and granule fillings are also performed during the application phase. When filling sand and granules, the pile size of the is taken into consideration. Naturally, the application of SBR or EPDM granular fillers, which vary according to the pile size per square meter affects prices at different rates. There are different types of granule filling. Any kind of economy can be preferred. • Which Factors Affect The Pitch Construction Prices?

What are the Uses and Advantages of Synthetic Turf?

Related with the Usage area we can say that Synthetic Turf are becoming more and more common day by day, there is a model suitable for every demand. Moreover, depending on the constantly developing technology, models with superior features and different qualities are produced. Different usage features and application costs are also reflected in the prices.

Synthetic lawns do not require maintenance and irrigation, are less affected by adverse weather conditions than natural Turf, dry quickly and can be used for years, even when wet in rain and snow. Synthetic Turf , which has advantages in many ways, provides comfortable use for sports and decorative purposes in all outdoor areas from Football Pitches to children playgrounds, gardens to balconies, cafe gardens to hotels such as hotels. Although prices vary according to certain criteria, they are still economical in terms of ease of use and durability. • Which Factors Affect The Pitch Construction Prices?