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Which Factors Affect the Pitch Construction Prices?

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Which Factors Affect the Pitch Construction Prices? • There are many factors that affect the investment costs of pitches. Besides these factors, which vary depending on the desired properties, the conditions of the ground to be constructed are also very important. If we list the factors affecting the construction prices of fields

1. Soil Control and Improvement Works

In order to determine the cost of the area, first of all, it is necessary to examine the suitability of the area planned to be made. Improvement works are performed on the unsuitable grounds for Pitch Construction . The studies and materials used at this stage are among the factors that affect the cost. For indoor and outdoor pitch construction prices, infrastructure can be considered as fixed.

2. Steel / Iron Materials

Iron construction is preferred as the main material of indoor and outdoor fields. As the prices vary depending on the choice of iron or steel, the cost varies in proportion to all these, since there are varieties within them. Although the iron parts are cost-effective for the construction of open pitches, the construction of the indoor pitches is expensive. Costs vary according to the thickness of the profiles used. The static project works we have are high tonnage.

3. Field Synthetic Turf

The prices of Synthetic Turf , which have been widely used in fields recently, vary according to the pile length of the preferred , the type of yarn used and the filling materials. Since Synthetic Turf is priced per square meter, the cost of synthetic turf varies depending on the size of the planned pitch.

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4. Lighting Equipment

Lighting types to be preferred for field is one of the factors affecting the cost. 4000W Metal Halide Luminaire is preferred for more economical and LED Armature is preferred for high energy saving. However, LED luminaires are very economic in terms of savings, but they are not very economical.

5. Wire Mesh and Netting Works

Although the PVC coated wire mesh surrounding the area does not constitute a huge cost, they vary in the costs according to the amount to be used. Ceiling and castle nets used are generally standard features but are fixed prices over m².

6. Social Facility Costs of a Pitch

Dressing rooms, shower areas, sinks and cafeterias which are included in the plan are among the factors that affect the investment cost to a great extent. The construction prices of these areas vary according to the desired size and characteristics and the quality of the materials to be used. If these areas are built very large and large, the costs increase considerably. As an affordable solution, prefabricated buildings can be preferred.

In addition, various costs can be incurred according to the special requests of the customer for the environmental regulation of Pitch Construction prices. Parking arrangements, outside the venue decking, park and garden arrangements, landscaping and various vending machines mentioned in the charges could bring additional income.

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