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2 Layer Tartan Floors and Raw Materials

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2 Layer Tartan Floors and Raw Materials

The answer to the question “What are 2 Layer Tartan Floors and Raw Materials?” Reform Sports has been working with more than 20 years of experience in rubber sports floors.

Tartan floors and runways are included in the coating system. SBR and EPDM granules are used as raw materials, and the so-called binder is used to bond them.

These floor types are generally applied in two layers;

  • SB SBR granules (rubber) are placed on the first layer.
  • In the second layer, the EPDM granules of the preferred color are completed in the form of pouring process with special PU binders that are known as Binder in the market.

How to Make Tartan Floors and Runways (SBR and EPDM)?

If you enter the technical information and explain the construction of the weighing floors and dirt, an asphalt floor with the right slope is required based on the asphalt floor. Especially the floor is cleaned from dirt and dust. After the necessary floor cleaning operations, a single layer of primary flooring is made by taking the help of the rolls to the area to be laid.

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The spilled primer is of great importance and purpose. The primary floor acts as a retainer and binder between the material to be coated and the floor. Following the drying of the pirmer, the SBR granules mixed with polyurethane to a thickness of at least 8 mm are poured onto the primary layer.

It is allowed to dry for 10-15 hours without any entry and exit to the floor and then EPDM granules with a thickness of 5-7 mm are mixed with polyurethane binder and poured on the drying floor as a second layer. Thus, the tartan ground and runway are ready.

Where are Tartan Floors used?

  • Used in tennis courts.
  • Used in walkways and parks.
  • It is used for the safety of athletes in volleyball courts.
  • It is used in children’s playgrounds and parks.
  • It is more preferred on running tracks.