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What Are the Disadvantages of Cheap Synthetic Turf ?

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What Are the Disadvantages of Cheap Synthetic Turf ? • Synthetic Turf  made in China has started to become a common product in our country market. We wanted to mention the points everyone should be aware of when buying cheap Synthetic Turf .

Recently, the use of Synthetic Turf  has become increasingly common. This is mainly due to the fact that Synthetic Turf  require less maintenance than natural Turf, and are more economical in terms of initial investment costs and more resistant to weather conditions. However, no matter how affordable the synthetic turf  are, some buyers prefer cheap or Chinese Synthetic Turf to be more economical.

What Are the Disadvantages  of Cheap Synthetic Turf ?

Synthetic turf , like natural turf, do not require daily and continuous maintenance. This is one of the reasons why synthetic turf is widespread, but when cheap and poor quality Synthetic Turf  are preferred, the deformation time is accelerated and this causes extra cost.

  • If the Synthetic Turf is maintained regularly, the service life is approximately 5-10 years depending on the model. However, the usage time in Synthetic Turf  made in China is shorter depending on the quality.
  • Turf  is generally preferred in outdoor areas such as balcony, terrace, garden, playground, Football Pitch. Therefore, weather resistance of Synthetic Turf  is an important factor. Normal quality Synthetic Turfs are known to be resistant to rainy weather, but Chinese Synthetic Turf  are less resistant to extreme rainy or cold weather conditions. This situation leads to deformation in a short time and consequently the necessity of renewing the system.
  • There are many different opinions about whether Synthetic Turf is hygienic. Research has shown that synthetic turf is more hygienic and safe than natural turf, but the materials used during the production of cheap Chinese Synthetic Turf  can prevent the creation of a hygienic environment.

It has been determined that muscular injuries are more common due to the preference of cheap Synthetic Turf  instead of natural turf on Football Pitches. This is because Synthetic Turf  have a flat and hard surface, not a soft ground like natural Turf. Since the latex flooring of Synthetic Turf  made in China is of poor quality, such injuries can be seen more.

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Spending your money to the poor quality of products made in China, which can be found in the market, provide short-term solutions rather than to produce high-quality products manufactured in Turkey and we recommend that you buy a regular priced turf.

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