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Types of Tennis Courts Open, Indoor and 3 Floor Types

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Types of Tennis Courts

Types of Tennis Courts can be examined in two main groups. The tennis courts, which are divided into outdoor tennis courts and indoor tennis courts, are divided into 3 according to the synthetic floor types that can be applied;

A. Open Tennis Court Construction

B. Indoor Tennis Court Construction

  1. Synthetic Turf tennis court grounds
  2. Acrylic Tennis Court Floors
  3. Tartan tennis court grounds

Tennis, which makes life beautiful, is one of the most popular sports in the world. We will take a look at one of the things that make this court sport special, especially in recent years, which has become more interesting and has gained a place in the world sports market. We cannot deny that the game has a special place in those times when tennis is on the rise and is well established in the world sports market, perhaps in the years when the best ones are played .

Tennis courts must be as special and high-quality as this popular game; because this is one of the factors that make the game beautiful. For this reason, the construction of tennis courts is a very careful work . Tennis courts can be built by the Reform Sports teams in different ways, depending on the economy and on demand. First of all, we can evaluate the courts according to their open and indoor tops.

Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Courts

The court in which the tennis is played is divided into two, either open or indoor.

A. Open Tennis Court Construction

Courts, sites and hotels that we see in large tournaments are usually open courts. The outdoor courts, which are also made for professional tennis matches and are more aesthetically elegant, also provide a good atmosphere for the spectators who watch the match live. The characteristics of these courts are generally as follows;

  • Outdoor tennis court floor types: can be Synthetic Turf, acrylic floor, tartan floor.
  • Wire mesh structure: PVC coated perimeter wire is mounted to iron construction at least 4m high.
  • Tennis court lighting: 400W halide projector or 200W LED projector can be used.
  • Tennis net dimensions: 12.8m wide and 1.07m high.
  • Tennis court dimensions: 18m x 36m are recommended sizes, may be several meters smaller.

B. Indoor Tennis Court Construction

People or institutions that do not want to be affected by adverse weather conditions and do this job for economic purposes prefer the covered tennis courts. Such indoor courts are often found in official gyms, commercial tennis courts or tennis schools.

Indoor tennis court floor types: Synthetic Turf , acrylic floor, tartan floor can be.

  • Steel construction structure: Main columns are 3-4m high and total height is 10-11m high.
  • Tennis court lighting: 400W halide projector or 200W LED projector can be used.
  • Tennis court dimensions: 18m x 36m are recommended sizes, may be several meters smaller.
  •  Tennis net dimensions: 12.8m wide and 1.07m high.

In addition, ground maintenance on outdoor courts is more laborious than on indoor courts. • Types of Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts by Ground

On the tennis court, the ground is particularly important for the health of the athlete. Representatives of this sport, which is very important for the leg muscles career, should not step on a hard ground, nor on a soft ground. Because too soft or too hard ground of tennis players, especially under the knee and the calf part of the muscles adversely affect. Tennis courts are divided into several groups according to their grounds. Now let’s examine what these are.

1. Tartan Floor Courts:

One of the most preferred types of flooring of tennis courts, this ground flexibility balance is based on rubber and polymer material applied on preferred courts. This floor, which attracts attention especially with its flexibility, is a good ideal for tennis lovers.

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Tartan Floor

Asphalt and Concrete

Iron Poles

PVP Wire Mesh


2. Acrylic Floor Courts:

Acrylic tennis courts with flooring is one of the preferred and overused methods as well as weighing floors. They are more economical in terms of cost. This floor, which we encounter especially on outdoor courts, is a useful type of floor. Acrylic paint and cushion are separated in itself as acrylic floor

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Acrylic Floor

3. Synthetic Turf Courts:

This floor is made with Synthetic Turf , whose dimensions can vary according to professional and amateur preferences, as the name implies and that has more favourable prices than acrylic and tartan floor.

The most important feature for a tennis player to take position is that the floor is more perfect. It is considered to be the most beautiful solution in the world. • Types of Tennis Courts

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Synthetic Turf Floor

Asphalt or Concrete

Iron Poles

PVP Wire Mesh