What are the Types of Artificial Football Turf?

People who want to get important information about astro turf construction, first they need to learn the types of artificial football turf. According to this, we would like to convey to you some of the information that we have obtained from our experts in order to make it easier for you to find out how different types of carpet fields are constructed and what the conditions are.

There are 3 main groups for the construction of artificial football turf.

Types of Artificial Football Turf?

  1. Outdoor astro turfs ,
  2. Indoor astro turfs,
  3. Professional artificial turf football fields.

There are three main groups as construction for these types of football turf:

1- Mini Outdoor Artificial Football Pitch Construction

Especially during the summer months, one of the frequently preferred sports areas is outdoor artificial football pitches.

In these areas, which are surrounded by a height of 6-7m and 3,5mm thickness PVC coated wire mesh fence and used special astro turf lighting, playing a football match is provided during the night hours.

Mini outdoor football pitch lighting can be preferred as 400W halide projector or 150-200W LED Projector. 55mm artificial grass is preferred in outdoor astro turf. You can review the 55mm Fibrille and monofilament synthetic grass models manufactured by Reform Sports from our Artificial Grass page.

Check our page for outdoor mini artificial football pitch constrcution

2- Indoor Soccer Field Construction

They are the indoor soccer fileds that you can prefer during winter months to protect yourself from snow, rain or cold. You can see that the wind will not blow inside this fields where the top of the astro turf is completely closed.

What are the types of indoor soccer pitches?

– Tarpaulin indoor astro pitch construction,
– Sheet metal indoor astro pitch construction,
– PVC covered astro pitch construction

In order to isolate the indoor soccer field, sheet metal, pvc material or tarpaulin may be preferred. The most reasonably priced and common indoor astro pitchs type is attracted the attention as tarpaulin indoor astro pitchs.

However, in snowy regions, we recommend the construction of sheet metal indoor astro pitch. For indoor astro pitches construction, steel construction with static calculations should be used. In order to reduce the cost, the risk of collapsing will occur when used materials less than necessary and the weak in steel construction.

3- Professional Artificial Turf Football Fields Constrcution

Professional football artificial turf is installed to official football fields. 55mm or 60mm artificial grass models are preferred as artificial turf type.

Official football matches can be played in these fields. For this, the Fifa 1 Star and Fifa 2 Star certificates should be obtained. In this type of grounds, twice as much granules is used. Regular size football field construction »