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Turf Decoration

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Turf Decoration

Turf Decoration • The use of Turf for decoration purposes has become widespread with the developing technology and product providing a more natural appearance. 5 usage areas and suggestions can be found in our article.

Synthetic Turf , sports halls, stadiums, tennis courts come to mind immediately. However, this prejudice seems to have been quite broken recently; Because at home, at school, in the garden, on the street, in hotels, restaurants, the use of Synthetic Turf in every aspect of life has become widespread.

Synthetic Turf technology is the most widely used for decoration purposes. The use of lawn rugs in many areas, especially in interior decoration and landscape architecture, is quite wide. However, there are some situations that need to be considered when buying turf . First of all, the quality of the material used in the construction of the should be investigated well.

Make sure that the rope used in the construction is not made of recycled nylon and made in China. Although recycling nylon materials were preferred at the beginning, it was found to be harmful to health and production was reduced.

A good turf is obtained with yarn material made of polyethylene (PE). Reform Sports uses PE material in all of its products. Of course, the priority of the users is that the polyethylene material used is of a first class structure. Polyethylene material is both harmless in terms of health and durability in terms of durability compared to nylon materials.
In recent years, some of the most popular lawn in the world are used in detail:

1. Use of Garden Lawn

It is widely used in individual gardens, villa gardens, restaurant gardens, cafe gardens, gardens of municipalities or various public institutions. In terms of harmony to the environment in terms of appearance, the product is always preferred with its long-lasting structure. When we consider the importance of environmental appearance today, the share of Synthetic Turf cannot be denied. • Turf Decoration

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2. Balcony and Terrace Lawn  Usage

It is perhaps one of the most used areas of the turf . The sections such as balconies and terraces in the house are the resting areas of the people and people prefer the materials used in these sections to be comfortable. Especially for families with infants, we can say that the Turf  is a blessing. As it is known, babies have sensitive bodies, so it is very important that the product is comfortable and healthy.

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3. Children Playground Synthetic Turf  Usage

The ground of playgrounds is made of sand in 80s and 90s, soft asphalt after 2000s and Synthetic Turf  for the last few years. Almost all municipalities in Turkey, and prefers Synthetic Turf floor for the theme park.

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4. Indoor Synthetic Turf

It is generally preferred for indoor  lawn decoration in shop windows and television studios. Optionally, it is mostly used in private areas in newly built houses. Although it is very common in Europe and the United States, it is just becoming widespread in our country.

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5. Wall Turf  Covering

Wall Synthetic Turf  covering projects are mostly used in luxury hotels and restaurants, making the buildings look natural and green. Lawn ing on garden walls is also a common practice. The use of Turf  for decoration purposes can be further diversified.