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Indoor Pitch Construction in 5 Stages and Technical Information

5 asamada kapali hali saha yapimi teknik bilgiler

There are 5 general stages for Indoor Pitch Construction . Infrastructure works, iron and steel works, wire mesh and mesh installation, Synthetic Turf   installation and lighting works are finished.

Indoor Pitch Construction in 5 Stages

Covered fields are built in accordance with the standards set by passing through some stages. At this stage of the main ones:

1. Infrastructure Operations:

The application area of the planned area is made. The ground is compressed to zero code by means of a vibrating roller. A 30 cm depth of foundation is excavated around the site and wood moulds are made in certain sizes.
Although this dimension varies according to the size of the field ; 70 × 50 for long edge and 50 × 50 for short edge. In the long side of these moulds, which are double-faced, two distributor bars with a diameter of 12 mm are placed on top and bottom and 8 mm stirrups are connected to these distribution bars at 30 cm intervals.
For short moulded wooden moulds, 6 distributor bars with a diameter of 12 mm and stirrups of 8 mm are used. 18 shear connectors and nut plates are fixed to the iron reinforcement with 3 meter intervals. PVC pipes are placed in the beams for drainage. In this way, the water coming to the ground is collected and discharged out of the field, then concrete beams are formed and compacted.

2. Iron / Steel Construction Processes:

4 m high pipes are mounted on the plates placed in the perimeter and 10 mm sheet plates are fixed on them. The scissors which are formed in certain dimensions are mounted on the sheet plates on the vertical pipes.

On the shears, 2 mm pipes of 32 mm diameter are fixed horizontally. In addition to these iron / steel construction processes, a hinged door with a diameter of 48 mm and a 3 mm pipe with a diameter of 48 mm and a field pole with a diameter of 3 mm are made to the desired location.

Note: The dimensions of the pipes used in steel construction are given as examples above, these dimensions may vary in each project. At least 114’3mm main column pipes are used, for example, in snow receiving areas. A much thicker iron material may be used than the static calculation. • 5 Stage Indoor Pitch Construction and Technical Information

3. Wire mesh and Netting Operations:

The area is surrounded by 3 m high, 3.6 mm wall thickness, dipped galvanized and PVC coated wire mesh. Then, 5 mm steel rope is tensioned and fixed with terminals. Kale nets are covered with a mesh made of polyamide yarn with a mesh size of 12 × 12 cm, a pitch of 15 × 15 cm and a pitch of 12 × 12 cm. • 5 Stage Indoor Pitch Construction and Technical Information

4. Indoor Field Synthetic Turf Application:

Soak the felt on the ground with gravel. The selected Synthetic Turf is laid on the felt and the joints are glued with the help of special adhesives. After the field lines are placed in accordance with the measurements, sand and granule filling is done and the ground operations of the field are completed.

5. Indoor Pitch Construction Lighting Procedures:

Projectors are placed on the ladder pipes placed on the sides of the field for illumination. The number of projectors varies according to the size of the site.

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