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Synthetic Turf Football Pitch Construction

sentetik cim futbol sahasi yapimi

Synthetic Turf Football Pitch Construction

Synthetic Turf Football Pitch Construction • The most important factor to be considered in the construction of the Football Pitch is the selection of synthetic turf. Special solutions should be produced according to the climate conditions of the region. There are structural differences between the Synthetic Turf used in the fields in our southern provinces where the temperature is high and the Synthetic Turf that we will make in a province that is quite rainy and cold in the east.

The frictional force will rise to the maximum level due to excessive temperature and therefore will be subject to abrasion and synthetic turf expansion. However, this problem is eliminated with the Synthetic Turf we produce. Produced as UV resistant, our Synthetic Turf is also very resistant to temperature. Specially produced artificial lawns take the air thanks to the special molecules in the structure and therefore do not experience any deformation due to the heat.

We offer a different Synthetic Turf solution in our provinces with heavy rainfall and cold weather. With this solution, the probability of Synthetic Turf exposure to frost is reduced to a minimum. In addition, during the construction of Synthetic Turf Football Pitch, drainage channels are specially imported according to the climatic conditions of the region.