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Synthetic Turf Production

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Synthetic Turf Production

Synthetic turf production continues under the leadership of innovative companies such as Sports Reform in Turkey has become a rising industry. Sports reforms worldwide 9 7 by exporting their produce synthetic turf products that the country continues to contribute to the economy.

Because of the proliferation and widespread use of sports fields in our country, the production of Synthetic Turf has also started due to the inability to grow natural Turf. In addition to the infrastructure required for Turf production, it has great advantages over natural Turf. It has a more elegant and brighter structure in terms of visuality .

Synthetic Turf Resistant

The fact that Synthetic Turf has a more durable structure is another factor that increases production. To give an example, while the usage rate of natural Turf is limited to 250 hours / year, this figure can reach 1,000 + hours / year in Synthetic Turf.

Because of the processes performed during the production of Synthetic Turf, it requires less labor in terms of maintenance and provides a user-friendly structure. It also ensures that the processes applied during production are also resistant to bad weather conditions, providing a favorable environment for organizing competitions in all weather conditions.

Fifa Supports

FIFA supports this type of Turf for Synthetic Turf production, which proves to have better values in some properties in tests made from natural Turf. It does not hold water on it thanks to its water permeability which is another feature gained during the production stage.

Synthetic Turf production can be applied in any color and design. If you have different designs and color combinations in mind, you can give your fields a different design than other fields.


Considerations in Synthetic Turf Production

You can reachthe points that are taken into consideration and based on health and usage in Synthetic Turf production from below.

  • Offer up to 10 years warranty
  • Quick and simple implementation
  • Decontamination of raw materials that will adversely affect human health
  • Not affected by heavy weather conditions
  • Be gained by retaining water permeability
  • Am Lack of chemicals at the end of production
  • Dust-free during use
  • Antib To gain antibacterial properties with sterile production

Synthetic Turf Gaining Popularity

Especially in recent years, the synthetic lawn has gained popularity by affecting production has managed to increase. Let’s take a look at the advantages of natural Turf.

  • Natural Turf is difficult to maintain.
  • Synthetic Turf is easier to maintain and clean.
  • Natural lawns are more costly in terms of irrigation costs.
  • Synthetic Turf does not require continuous watering.
  • Natural Turf is difficult to apply and requires maturity.
  • Synthetic Turf can be applied in minimum time after preparation.
  • Natural lawns may not be suitable for competitions due to weather conditions.
  • Synthetic Turf is suitable for competition in all weather conditions.
  • The rate of interaction of natural Turf with the ball is good.
  • The interaction also collect values Synthetic Turf was grown on the value of natural Turf.
  • Natural Turf is not used in Fifa tournaments.
  • Fifa tournaments take place in the fields prepared with Synthetic Turf.
  • Natural Turf is not very durable.
  • Synthetic turf is 4 times more durable than natural turf against external forces and weather conditions.

As Reform Sports, we are honoured to answer your questions about synthetic turf. You can take advantage of Reform Sports solutions professionally about sports fields.