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Tartan Tennis Court Construction

Tartan Tennis Court Construction completed by Reform Sports experts within 3-4 weeks, in accordance with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) standards of 18×36 m.Tartan Tennis Court Construciton


Tartan Tennis Court Construction

Tennis is played on a rectangular flat surface, usually of artificial grass, clay or tartan surface. The dimensions of a tennis court are defined and regulated by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) governing body and are written down in the annual ‘Rules of Tennis’ document. The tartan tennis court is 23.77 metres long. Its width is 8.23 metres for singles matches and 10.97 metres for doubles matches. The service line is 6.40 metres from the net. Additional clear space around the court is needed in order for players to reach overrun balls for a total of 18 metres wide and 37 metres long.

Tartan Tennis Courts

Tartan Tennis Courts Cut Section

Tartan Tennis Courts Cut Section

Tartan Tennis Court Construciton Technical Specs


a) Excavation: The field will be excavated and levelled. The canals will be excavated arround the field to build a concrete boundary.
b) The boundary will contain 8-12 iron bars.
c) 3” anchorage iron pipes will be fixed on the surface of the boundary.
d) BS 20 Ready concrete will be poured in the moulds.
e) The entire surface will be filled with gravel.
f) The gravel surface will be covered by a flat concrete or asphalt layer.


a) Iron columns will be welded vertically to anchorages fixed in the boundary. The horizontal top, mid and bottom iron pipes will be welded to the these columns.
b) Reinforcement pipes will be welded diagonally to the horizontal pipes at each corner. The columns also will be reinforced by additional columns.
c) To reinforce the sides, crosswise pipes will be welded to the side colomns and the columns on the back of goal posts.
d) The lighting columns will be established with stairs on the lengthwise side of the pitch.
e) A hinged door will be constructed for the field
f) A set of tennis net and net holders will be installed.
g) All the iron material will be painted with undercoat and oil paint.
h) The field sides will be fenced with galvanised, PVC coated 4×4 cm pores wire-fence.
i) The fence will be reinforced with kink attached to the tie clips on the columns.
j) 400 W Lighting projectors will be fixed on the Lighting columns.
k) The electricity cables will be extended upto board and will be delivered in working condition.


a) A linear layer will be applied on the asphalt/concrete surface.
b) Tartan material will be installed by a special machinary.
c) The game lines will be marked out.


Tartan Tennis Court Dimensions

Tartan Tennis Court Dimensions

Tartan Tennis Court Applications

Tartan Tennis Court Construction Pictures

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