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Tennis Court Types

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Tennis Court Installation Costs

Our tennis courts are constructed according to the norms determined by International Tennis Federation (ITF), the necessary tests are done and delivered to you as ITF certified.


According to these standards, the tennis court construction area should be 18mx36m.


However, tennis courts are available outside of international standards for amateur use and for hobby, or smaller. It is preferred especially in the sites and in the detached living areas. Since we are a manufacturer, contractor and implementer, we offer very reasonable prices. With our 25 years of experience in sports flooring sector, we are able to install tennis courts professionally.


There are 3 different types of tennis courts depending on the type of ground.



  • Synthetic Grass Tennis Court


  • Tartan Ground Tennis Court


  • Acrylic Ground Tennis Court



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Synthetic Turf Tennis Court: Usually, our synthetic turf products with 26mm pile size are preferred. Tartan Ground Tennis Court: Tartan, SBR and EPDM abbreviations of the polymer-based synthetic rubber group consisting of two layers of a layer formed by pouring on top of each other. The ground floor of the tartan ground tennis court is 13mm thick, 8mm SBR and 5mm EPDM. Acrylic Ground Tennis Court: It is applied as 2-3 layers acrylic paint or cushion acrylic.


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Types of Tennis Courts by Ground Type

Synthetic Floor Applications Used in the Production of Tennis Courts;

  • Synthetic Grass Tennis Court: Artificial grass with 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 26mm and 30mm sand filling
  • Tartan Ground Tennis Court: 8mm SBR + 5mm EPDM granule layer.
  • Acrylic Ground Tennis Court: It is applied as 2-3 layers acrylic paint or cushion acrylic.


Tennis courts are divided into two types as indoor and outdoor area.

Outdoor Tennis Court Construction and Features

Professional tennis matches are usually held in open and tribune courts. For outdoor courts, tribune types are divided into portable or stationary turbines. Furthermore, the stands can be covered with special steel construction structures.
In addition to professional courts, outdoor tennis courts are the most preferred and economical solution. It is preferred to build on various floors (usually acrylic floors) in the gardens of public housing estates, school gardens, municipalities free tennis courts, hotel sports areas and large sports halls.

What are the features of the outdoor tennis court?

  • Outdoor courts are made with 4m high wire mesh unless special demand is required.
  • One of the synthetic floor types can be preferred, the most popular floor type is acrylic floor. Grass carpets are also often preferred.
  • Lighting system is optional, added according to customer’s request. LED or halide projector is used.


Indoor Tennis Court Construction and Features

Our customers who prefer indoor tennis courts are usually those who have commercial tennis or have a tennis school. For this purpose, it is possible to offer tennis at any time of the day and to customers of all ages without being affected by sun or winter conditions.
Indoor tennis courts are made by Reform Sports via steel construction. Covered with steel construction, covered with a tarpaulin or special PVC coating products. This kind of indoor tennis court is much more robust and airy than balloon courts. When desired, all side tarps can be opened and continuous air flow can be provided.

What are the features of indoor tennis court?

  • Covered courts are manufactured as steel truss system superimposed on main columns of 3-4m height.
  • Usually we use tarpaulin as roof covering and pvc coating products are also available.
  • One of the synthetic floor types can be preferred, the most popular floor type is acrylic floor.
  • LED or halide projector is used for lighting system.


Tennis Court Companies

To find out the cost of making a tennis court, you can call the Reform Sports Marketing Department or get a quote from our dealers. You can get information from our agents for companies that make tennis courts abroad. Our sales floor materials anywhere in Turkey and turnkey construction of court services are available.

Cost of Tennis Court Construction

You can get a free offer from the field types mentioned above together with the tennis field measurements you want to make after you determine the best combination. You can e-mail us to find out the cost of making a tennis court, or you can call directly to get support.

What is the size of tennis court?

The standard size of the tennis court was determined by the ITF at 18m x 36m. In the areas where professional competitions are to be performed, the playground lines within these measurements should be drawn in a completely defined dimension.

  • The dimensions of the areas where professional competitions will not be made can be changed according to the availability of the area.
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