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Artificial Grass Maintenance & User Guide

Reform Sports Product warranty is valid if the following instructions for use and artificial grass maintenance requirements to be complied with!

– Artificial turf ground takes shape in the first few months following installation. Therefore, the implementation of a program for the first time regular brushing will help to achieve a better play-ground. After the expiration of the warranty period in order to take the field of use depends on the implementation of regular maintenance. All fields are not the most artificial turf wear varies depending on the problems arising from overdue maintenance.

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Artificial grass maintenance period varies depending on the frequency of use of the site. In this regard, the use of normal field in a 3-4 week, while in a dense field of use must be made within 1-2 weeks. During this maintenance, in the field leaves, pieces of glass, cigarette butts, tree branches, stones, free from foreign substances such as chewing gum.

Artificial turf is exposed to dust intensively. Dust enters into the synthetic turf over time. Prevention and court surface thereof; brushing is required at regular intervals in order to maintain softness and elasticity. This process of building materials you can easily find a store that sells (hard plastic wire) can be done with a garden brush. As an alternative to the larger fields and professional level, we have produced machines with motorized brush can easily do so. * (Please contact our sales representatives for more information)

– All of the players on the field to play sports should wear shoes made in accordance with synthetic turf. Synthetic turf will damage the carpet studded with metal spikes or should not do sports like athletic shoes. High-heeled women’s shoes are not suitable for synthetic turf surface again. This type of footwear is inconvenient for use in the field on the surface.

– Operator Field surface to scrub the surface to remove snow and other things. Meanwhile, it is taking out a portion of SBR granules. In this case, should add up the amount of SBR granules diminishing. Otherwise, the artificial turf will be out of warranty.

– Gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other chemical solvent which is corrosive and contact with the field of acidic functionality with chemicals should be avoided. Cleaning of possible spots on the field, such materials should not be used.

Artificial grass to pierce and to cut is objectionable conducting motions. Free series of synthetic turf ground surface. Why this should be removed from the bench. Or be folded.

– In warm weather, the entire field, after sunset, it should be watered at least once. It reduces friction in the irrigation field. Thereby creating a smooth and rapid surface. It also allows the irrigation field in summer to cool off, so in sliding contact with the surface of his game player increases comfort.

– Fire on the field should not be burned (torch, fireworks). Flammable and caustic materials to be used on the field. Contact with the surface area of ​​direct and indirect high heat sources should be avoided.

– In case of organized activities such as walking on field ceremony extreme care must be taken not to create heavy traffic on a particular region.

– Installation is complete scaffolding inside the area bulky or heavy objects should not be established.

– The installation of the field and all repairs must only be carried out by REFORM may occur.

– Field every six months, be held by Reform Sports (within Paid Maintenance Agreement) is required general maintenance.

– Users with any of our products, Site owners or custodians must follow our simple advice in this regard.

– Lack of maintenance synthetic field life will be shortened considerably. We recommend that you consider to increase the investment in the area for this reason. Disruption of routine maintenance should be done.

* Note: This specification has been prepared by Reformsports.

Artificial Grass Maintenance & User Guide

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