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Hockey Field Construction

Artificial Turf Hockey Fields are constructed within 6-8 weeks conforming standards of International Hockey Federation (FIH).

Artificial Grass Hockey Field Construction

Hockey Field Construction and Dimensions

A hockey pitch is the playing surface for the game of field hockey. Historically, the game was played on natural turf (grass) but nowadays is predominantly played on an artificial turf. The transition onto artificial pitches came during the 1970s and was made mandatory for major competitions in 1976.

Artificial grass hockey pitch is rectangular in shape. The longer perimeter edges are called the side line, the opposing shorter edges are referred toeback line and the portion of this between the goal posts is known as the goal line. The side line must measure 91.40 m (100 yd) and the back line should measure 55.00 m (60 yd). There must be a minimum run-off of 2 m at the sidelines and 3 m at the backlines which may be a different surface for the final metre. All line markings must be white and 75 millimetres wide. In each corner of the filed hockey pitch, a corner flag of no more than 300 mm square is attached to a post of height 1.20–1.50 m

Cut Section Artificial Grass for hockey

Cut Section Artificial Grass for Hockey



a) Canals will be excavated arround the field to establish a surrounding boundary.
b) 10 and 12 Q iron bars will be placed in the molding .
c) 4’’ anchorage pipes will be placed horizontally in the boundary at certain distances.
d) BS 20 ready concrete will be poured in the molds.
e) Iron columns will be welded vertically to anchorages fixed in the boundary. The horizontal top, mid and bottom iron pipes will be welded to the these columns.
f) Reinforcement pipes will be welded diagonally to the horizontal pipes at each corner. The columns also will be reinforced by additional columns.
g) To reinforce the sides, crosswise pipes will be welded to the side colomns and the columns on the back of goal posts.
h) Two hinged doors will be constructed for the field
i) A pair of goal post will be constructed of 114×3 iron pipes as per regular sizes.
j) All the iron material will be painted with undercoat and oil paint.
k) The field sides will be fenced with galvanised, PVC coated 50×50 mm pores and 3,5 mm thick wire-fence.
l) The fence will be reinforced with 4 mm kink attached to the tie clips on the columns.
m) A field sorroundind wall will be build up.
n) 4 galvanized lighting poles with stairs will be installed at the corners of the field.
o) 1000 W projectors will be installed on the lighting poles.


a) The ground base should be inspected first for its suitability and will be shaped as fishback and well compacted.
b) Drainage canals will be excavated 50cm deep and 50 cm wide in shape of fishbone, and main canals will be excavated alongside of the field with a specific slope.
c) Geotextile felt will be laid in the canals and after fitting the drainage pipes on sand pillows the felt will be folded on the pipes.
d) The canals will be filled with gravel or plentmix.
e) A porous concrete or asphlat layer will be poured on the gravel/plentmix.
f) To collect the waste waters one main and four small hollows will be digged.
g) To water the field, water tank and springs will be established.

STAGE 3 : Hockey Artificial Turf

a) Shockpad will be applied on the surface.
b) The turf carpets will be spread out on the shockpad.
c) The carpets will be joined on a seaming tape with the help of a special adhesive
d) The adhesive is a double component polyurathane glue.
e) The white or yellow lines will be fixed as per approved dimensions. Optionally the surface outside playing area may be red color.


Hockey Field Dimensions

Hockey Field Dimensions


Hockey Field Applications

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