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Indoor Soccer Field Construction

Reform Sports has the capability of manufacturing steel pre-fabricated parts and components of an indoor soccer field construction (indoor football pitches) and indoor artificial grass at our manufactory in Turkey. Construction of indoor soccer fields and indoor astroturf installation completed in 80 different countries.

Indoor Soccer Field Construction Football Pitches Building

Steel Frame Indoor Football Pitches Construction

Our architects and construction engineers make the calculations of the steel structure of the closed field according to the wind, snow and raining conditions of the construction area and ensure the necessary qualifications and prepare the manufacturing projects accordingly. Once the projects finished and everything about the static calculations are clear, the manufacturing of the steel components starts at our steelworks factory by our highly experienced and skilled technicians.

  • Manufacturing of the steel parts and components of the field will be completed within 4 weeks and shipped to the construction site where the field is going to be built.

Prior to the steel parts reach to the construction site, our installation technicians start building them on the previously prepared base construction and make the installation of indoor football pitch by the help of a crane and finish the steel construction within 2 weeks.

After the installation of steel constructions finish, installation works starts which can be made out of tarpaulin, sheet metal, PVC membrane or insulation material filled aluminium sandwich panels.

During the construction of the coverings, High Quality 3rd or 4th Gen Reform Sports indoor Artificial Grass installation, lighting poles and electric harness, PVC covered galvanised fence and net installations can be completed simultaneously.

All these works takes about 6-8 weeks time and handed over to the customer in perfect conditions by Reform Sports technicians.

Elements which effect the total cost of Indoor Football Pitches:

  • Soccer Pitch Dimensions: The dimensions of the field may vary according to the budget and availability of the land. Most common indoor football field dimensions are in between 20mX40 and 30mX50m dimensions. On the other hand, the best dimension is accepted to be as 30mX50m in which it is very convenient to comfortably play football by teams consist of 7 players each.
  • Covering material: We can offer almost any type of cover that the customer may require. On the other hand, the most popular covers are listed below for your reference and the most cost-effective one among all is the tarpaulin cover which is preferred by its low cost and high durability. Covering materials are;

1-PVC membrane cover
2-Tarpaulin membrane cover
3-Sandwich panel cover (where insulation form weather conditions requested)
4-Steel Sheet cover

  • Artificial Grass for Indoor Soccer: Not as big as the other components but the artificial grass slightly change the costs of construction. Making a selection among the many varieties of our artificial football grass production portfolio with a price range that starts from as low as 8 Euro and going up to 20 Euro/m2 determines the cost. The price difference totally depends on the pile height, Dtex of the fibre, stitch rate, type of fibre as fibrillated or as monofilament, pile weight and total weight. The conditions of these parameters determine the price of the artificial grass.
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If you would like to have an offer for a complete project of steel construction indoor football pitches please kindly send us a mail through our mail at :

Details of indoor astroturf pitches construction

  • Indoor Fooball Pitches are constructed within 6-8 weeks, surrounded and covered with iron structure based on static calculations which is prepared by Reform Sports technicians.
  • Indoor Astroturf Pitches Steel Construction is covered with tarpaulin or fiberglass material. The surface is covered with 3rd and 4th generation artificial turf.

Indoor Football Pitch Construction with Astroturf

Indoor Astroturf football pitches cost changes by the type of covering. We have three types of infoor football pitches covering that are tarpaulin, sheet metal and some other pvc coverings. Tarpaulin covered indoor football fileds are more popular than the others and also with affordable costs.

Indoor soccer field construction cost change by the filed dimensions. Most common indoor football filed dimensions are changes between 20m x 40m and 30m x 50m. Admitted dimensions for amateur football is 30m x 50m for best football games. 7×7 football teams can easly play games in a 30m x 50m indoor football fileds.

Also another important thing is artificial grass in a synthetic football filed. Artificial grass is mufactured in our Reform Sports Atificial Grass Factory in Turkey.

We are producing monofilament artificial grass, fibrilated synthetic turf and many other varied models of the yarns. 40mm, 50mm, 55mm and 60mm pile height artificial grass kinds are available. Please ask for artificial grass turf cost :

Indoor astroturf Football Pitches flooring

Indoor Artificial Grass Cut Section – Indoor Soccer Field Construction

Indoor Soccer Filed Construction Technical Specifications

Stage 1. Insrastructure of Indoor Pitches:

a) The field will be excavated and levelled. The canals will be excavated arround the field to build a concrete boundary.
b) Boundary of pitch will contain 8-12 iron bars.
c) To evacuate the water to outside the field, drainage pipes will be fixed in the boundary at 30 cm deep and at certain distances with enough slope from inside to outside.
d) 3” anchorage iron sheets will be fixed on the surface of the boundary.
e) BS 20 Ready concrete will be poured in the moulds.
f) The entire surface will be filled with gravel.

Stage 2. Steel Frame, Wire Fencing, Lights and Celing Nets:

a) Dual iron columns connected to each other will be welded vertically to iron sheet anchorages fixed in the boundary.
b) The top arc system will be welded installed to the vertical columns.
c) Horizontal pipes will be installed on the arcs at certain distances.
d) The lighting platforms will be established on the lengthwise side of the pitch.
e) Steel frame will be covered by a tent or fiberglas covering.
f) A hinged door will be constructed for the field
g) A pair of goal post will be constructed.
h) All the iron material will be painted with undercoat and oil paint.
i) Sides will be fenced with galvanised, PVC coated 5×5 cm pores and 3,5 mm thick wire-fence.
j) Fence will be reinforced with kink attached to the tie clips on the columns.
k) Uppersides will be covered by polyamid net with 12×12 cm pores.
l) Ceiling will be covered by polyamid net with 15×15 cm pores.
m) The goal posts will ve weared by polyamid net with 12×12 cm pores, 4 mm thickness.
n) 400W Lighting projectors (or 200W LED) will be fixed on the Lighting columns. The electricity cables will be extended upto board and will be delivered in working condition.

Stage 3. Indoor Artificial Grass

Indoor Soccer Field Construction with artificial grass;

a) Gravel surface will be entirely covered by felt.
b) Indoor astroturf rolls will be spread out on the felt.
c) Carpets wil be joined on a seaming tape with the help of a special adhesive
d) Adhesive is a double component polyurathane glue.
e) White or yellow lines will be fixed as per approved dimensions. Optionally the surface outside playing area may be red color.
f) Artificial grass will be filled with silica sand by special machinary.
g) SBR granule will be filled on sand by special machinary.

Dimesions of Indoor Football Pitches

  • Minimum dimesnions are 15m x 30m (for schools and private use)
  • Minimum dimesions are 20m x 40m
  • Optimum dimesnions are 30m x 50m
  • Maximum dimensions are 35m x 60m

Indoor Field Dimensions of Indoor Football Pitches

Indoor Field Applications

Indoor Football Pitch Applications

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