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Football Field Construction

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Cost of Football Field Installation

Our artificial turf, which is produced specially for football floors, is guaranteed for 3-5-7 years provided that maintenance and use instructions are followed. (The warranty period varies according to the artificial turf model). In case of a product-based problem within 7 years, free repair work is carried out by us. If there are problems that can not be repaired, we will change the grass for free.


Our 25 years company in Turkey and giving directions to the sports field sector in many regions. Our main aim is to keep customer satisfaction. Not only before sales, but also after the sales of the football field we are working to find solutions to all your problems.


Our factory, which consists of three main production sections in Çorlu, is open to all our customers and can be visited at any time during working hours.


In order to give the cost of the carpet field correctly; Artificial turf to be used, location, size and location of the site should be determined.


  • Regular football field is delivered in 6-8 weeks.
  • Closed football field is delivered on average: 6-8 weeks.
  • Open football field is delivered on average: 3-4 weeks.


Since we are a manufacturer, we offer quality products at an affordable price.


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Outdoor Football Field

Outdoor carpet areas are used for commercial purposes and are also preferred sports areas in the sites and schools. The most important factors affecting the cost of outdoor carpet field construction are carpet area measurements and artificial grass carpet models. It is completedtand delivered in a short period of 4 weeks.

Outdoor Football Field 00830

Outdoor Football Field 00831

Outdoor Football Field 00832

Outdoor Football Field 00833

Outdoor Football Field 00834

Outdoor Football Field 00835

Outdoor Football Field 00836

Outdoor Football Field 00837

Outdoor Football Field 00838

Outdoor Football Field 00839

Outdoor Football Field 00840

Indoor Football Field

Indoor football pitch is the most preferred football fields type in our country. It gives you the opportunity to play comfortably in summer and in winter. There are four kinds of indoor football fields systems. Tarpaulin covered indoor pitch, Karboline indoor pitch, Trapezoid indoor pitch and Sandwich covered pitch.

Indoor Football Field 00671

Indoor Football Field 00672

Indoor Football Field 00673

Indoor Football Field 00674

Indoor Football Field 00675

Indoor Football Field 00676

Indoor Football Field 00677

Indoor Football Field 00678

Indoor Football Field 00679

Indoor Football Field 00680

Indoor Football Field 00681

Regular Football Pitch

The construction of artificial grass regular football fields is often required by professional and amateur football clubs. Professional football competitions can be played at 55mm and 60mm artificial turf football fields. This kind of regular areas can be made by Reform Sports at Fifa 1-2 Star standards.

Regular Football Pitch 00265

Regular Football Pitch 00266

Regular Football Pitch 00267

Regular Football Pitch 00268

Regular Football Pitch 00269

Regular Football Pitch 00270

Regular Football Pitch 00271

Regular Football Pitch 00272

Regular Football Pitch 00273

Regular Football Pitch 00274

Regular Football Pitch 00275


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