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Basketball Court Construction

Basketball court construction and basketball court flooring made by Reform Sports proffesional workers. Special basketball floorings offers maximum performance for proffesional and amateur basketball players both.

Basketball court construction and flooring


Reform sports have completed the construction of a total of more than 500 basketball court construction, acrylic floor basketball court, grass establishes carpet floor basketball court and tartan floor basketball court, including 3 types of floor basketball facility.

Basketball Court Construction Specifications

Acrylic ground, artificial turf ground floor and tartan basketball court EPDM that are suitable grounds for outdoor basketball courts. Acrylic ground floor is the most preferred variety for outdoor basketball courts. Artificial turf, acrylic paint, we make our factory production of EPDM.

Basketball Court Flooring Types

1- Acrylic Basketball Court Flooring

acrylic basketball court flooring construction cost

2- Tartan Basketball Court Flooring

epdm rubber tartan basketball flooring price

3- PU Indoor Basketball Court Flooring

ibb fire department polyurethane basketball court flooring

4- Hardwood Indoor Basketball Flooring

hardwood parquet basketball court flooring cost


In addition to an indoor basketball court is the ideal flooring type to create professional basketball sports parquet basketball flooring. Our acrylic or EPDM is a more economical option for indoor basketball courts.

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Basketball Court Construction Cost

Cost of basketball court changes by flooring type and quallity of materials. Also accesories like basketball hoop quallity is important. Please ask for an offer for your project

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