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Duo Grass



  • 3G Artificial Grass with Granule and Sand
  • Infill Professional Football, Multisports and Tennis Use

“Duo Grass” artificial turf for football & soccer pitches: Performance, quality and natural look! Due to its natural view its very difficult to seperate our artificial turf from natural grass.

Many reputable sport sector and soccer field companies enjoy our Duo Grass Synthetic Turf. By its both performance and natural looking, Duo Grass will keep being one of the favorite artificial grass in the next years.

Best Artificial Turf for Football: Duo Colour!

Also Duo Grass is one of the “best selling” artificial turf products of Reform Group. Because Duo Grass artificial turf has different look from other standard artificial grass and also made for good performance for football.

DuoGrass Pile Heights & Areas of Use

Reform Sports manufactures 3G Astroturf  for sports use both proffesional and amateur arenas.

Sports Turf with Sand Infill: For Multipurpose & Mini Pitches

  • 25mm Duo Turf is for mini football, tennis and multipurpose
  • 26mm DuoTurf is for tennis, soccer and multipurpose
  • 30mm DuoGrass is for soccer pitch, tennis and multipurpose

3G Football Turf with Granule and Sand Infill: For Proffesional Soccer & Mini Pitches

  • 40mm Duo Turf: Amateur football (soccer), mini football pitches, indoor astroturf, hockey and rugby
  • 50mm DuoTurf: Amateur football (soccer), mini football pitches, indoor astroturf, hockey and rugby
  • 55mm Duo Turf: is a GOOD CHOICE for proffesional football, soccer, rugby and indoor // BEST-SELLING //
  • 60mm Duo Grass the BEST CHOICE for proffesional football and rugby
  • FIFA 2 Star and FIFA 2 Star Agreeable Artificial Grass: 55mm DuoTurf & 60mm Duo Grass
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