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Vakıflar Çarşı Kaymaklı Landscaping

Vakıflar Çarşı Kaymaklı Landscaping construction complete.

Outdoor Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Reform Sports is manufacturing special landscaping artificial grass for outdoors. Landscaping artificial grass is named “Garden Grass” and pile heights are starts from 18mm up to 42mm. Garden Grass is a new kind of landscaping artificial grass and weawed with high technology. In Reforms Sports artificial grass manufactory there are 3 kinds of synthetic yarns to make Garden Artificial Grass. Light and dark green monofilament yarns used with the yellow yarn for more natural look.

Also no maintenance needed for landscaping artificial turf Garden Grass. No lanwn moving needed, no need to watering, no pesticides needed! Reform Sports landscaping artificial grass resists to UV lights and warranted for fading.

Garden Grass for Landscaping : No Maintenace! No Watering! No Lawn Moving! Also Evergreen!

Vakiflar - Landscaping Artificial Grass

Vakiflar – Landscaping Artificial Grass – Before and After

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